Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Budget Beauty Brand Discovery!

I love my bargain products and don't own anything make-up related which would have cost me more than a tenner. I just can't justify spending that much on something I will use a couple of times and most likely forget about or replace with something new and more interesting. I have been loving MUA over the last few months for their cheap as chips products which give you amazing value for money. I know they work under various different brand names but this post involves one of their brands which I had never seen before- Vivo. Vivo is stocked in Tesco, something lacking in my local city, which probably explains their absence in my life until now! They are currently holding a half price sale online so when I spotted them I had to give them a try.
This whole lovely haul cost me £14.88 including postage (£2.95) amazing yes? Nothing came to more than £2 and the nail polishes were about 50p, amazing bargain! The packaging isn't the best but I really like everything, the quality seems great for the price and the eye shadow palette will be getting a post of its own as it is amazing!
I love lip crayons so had to try some of these, the Colour Stay Lip Crayons in Sweet Dreams and Thing Called Love were £1.99 half price and the Laquer Shine Lip Gloss in Heavenly was 99p! The lip crayons look very similar to the MUA versions but with a better colour payoff. They also have the same minty scent. The Laquer Gloss is so pretty and a bargain for 99p, again it looks very similar to the MUA Intense Kisses. 
I also picked up a Blush and Highlighter Duo in Sweet Peach for £1.19. I LOVE this, the blush is such a perfect peachy shade without being too orangey, and the highlighter is a perfect shimmery match for the peach but isn't too glittery. I really want another of these, I love the idea of a matching blush and highlighter and who can go wrong for that price!
I wanted to try the Radiance Boost Highlighter as it was only £1.79 and I hoped it might work to cover up my dark eye circles. I doesn't seem to give much coverage and is a little pink for my skin but I will give it a go.
These lovelies were only £1.49 for the Nail Flare in When I Dance and an amazing 50p for the varnish in Funfair. I love the glitter polish and can't wait to try it. Funfair is the perfect pinky coral for summer.
Finally, the best product in the bunch, the 12 Shade Colour Block Palette in Unprotected, supposedly a dupe for MUA Undressed and the Naked palette. I can see the similarity between this and the MUA and I will be posting swatches soon but the colour payoff is sooo much better than you get from the Undressed palette so I will compare them. I love the look of the palette and prefer it to my MUA ones. I just think it looks more expensive and is a better shape to store. This was only £1.99 but even at the regular £3.99 it is still well worth buying.

I love the products I got and I'm really tempted to go back for more once the sale is over and they re-stock all the out of stock products. If you love MUA then Vivo are well worth a try and can be bought in Tesco or online at where everything is still half price!


  1. I'm so tempted to buy stuff from this sale! I've put some things in my cart already and i've got 7 products in there and the price is only at £6.24!

  2. GlitterandGloss3 August 2013 at 18:48

    Ooh what have you got? You should get them thats really cheap! There's lots more I want but some are out of stock so I might wait a bit :)

  3. I got a lot of the nail varnish's, lip crayon and mascara! I've put it all back though, i'm trying to be good with my spending!

  4. GlitterandGloss3 August 2013 at 19:13

    Well you have more will power than me haha! I'm trying to be good this month, I just couldn't resist half price stuff!