Friday, 9 August 2013

Blog Sale (UK only)

I'm having a bit of a clear out to make some space and a little money as I am moving out soon :). I am off work until Tuesday so anything not sold by then will be given away or binned so feel free to make me an offer on anything left.

Postage:                   £2 for 1-2 items                     £3 for 3-5 items                    5+ depends on weight/size

Awapuhi Shine Spray (new) £2.                                               
Anatomicals Facial Spritz (sprayed twice) £1.                            
Elegant Touch Purple Haze Nails (new) £1.
Kiss Nails Wraps (new) £1.    
No7 Cuticle Cream (new) £1.
Stila Written in the Stars Palette (new) £5
MUA BB Cream Medium (very pale for medium, used once) £1
17 Smokey Eye Palette with mini eye liner and brush (new) £1          
JPP Fairy Lashes Mascara (new) £2
MUA Eye Trio Legendary (swatched once) £1
Model CO Lipgloss Strip Tease and Berry Pink (swatched once each on hand) £1 each
Collection Colour Pro It Girl and Show Off (both used once) £1.50 each
17 Lip Lustre 3 Little Words (used once) £1.50      
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Punchbowl (used once) £2
No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick Mulberry (used once) £1
Sleek Pout Paints Pin Up and Peek-a-Bloo (swatched on hand) £1.50 each
Elizabeth Arden Frag Free 8 Hour Cream Sample (used once, tiny amount) £1
Figs and Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm (used twice) £1.50
Molly Mabel Pastel Pink Pop Band (new) £1
Barry M Magnetic Red Sparkle and Blue (used twice each) £1 each
17 Magnetic Purple (used twice) £1                              
MUA Magnetic Regent Street (new) £1
17 Colour Switch gold/purple (new) £1
Seventeen Rock Hard Blue (used once) £1                      
Models Own Iced Neon Pink Punch (used once) £2                
Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Shooting Stars and Speckled Pink (used once each) £1 each
No7 Stay Perfect Afternoon Tea, Thunderstorm and Milan (all new) £1.50 each
Models Own Mini Gold (new) £1
Ciate Speed Dial (new) £3                           
Revlon Moon Candy Satellite (used once) £2
Barry M Chameleon Blue (new) £1                      
17 Fast Finish Revenge (new) 50p              
Seventeen Quicker Slicker Caribbean Coral (used once) 50p
Rimmel Cocktail Colour Baby Bellini (used once) £1
Precious Stones Diamond Dust (used twice) £2
Metal Rush Purple Reign and Pearly Queen (used once each ) £1 each
Striping Tape Gold and Silver (new) 50p for both

Please comment with what you want and I will confirm a price to be sent to paypal: All orders over the weekend will be sent first thing Monday, please state if you want anything other than second class postage but it will cost more. If you leave an email I will confirm postage.

Happy shopping :)


  1. Eleanor Theodorou9 August 2013 at 13:07

    Hey, if I bought some items would I be able to pay you on Sunday? Am selling some stuff on eBay which will be paid for by then! If that's okay, I'd like

    8 Hour Cream Tube
    Maybelline Color Show Stars and Pink
    So that would be £6 with shipping?

    Thanks! x

  2. Eleanor Theodorou9 August 2013 at 13:08

    Oh and could I get Metal Rush Purple Reign too? Thank you x

  3. GlitterandGloss9 August 2013 at 13:10

    Hey, sure that's fine i'll not be able to post till Monday now anyway so as long as I have the money by then it isn't a problem :) just drop me an email when you've paid with an address please and I'll pop them in the post x

  4. Eleanor Theodorou9 August 2013 at 13:13

    Awesome, thank you! Will e-mail you once I've paid :) x

  5. GlitterandGloss9 August 2013 at 13:17

    Of course just £7 for the lot then :) x

  6. Can I get rimmel baby bellini,models own pink punch and the 17 smoky eye pallette please? X

  7. Eleanor Theodorou12 August 2013 at 14:46

    Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound today. Thanks so much! :) x

  8. That was quick! Glad to hear its all good though :) x