Wednesday, 3 July 2013

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Polish

I posted the other day about my Boots haul in which I picked up quite a few bargain No7 products using my vouchers. You can see that haul here if you like. My favourite bargain of the lot though, had to be the new Gel-Look Shine Nail Polishes. I have to say though that the colours, for a summer range aren't the best but I wanted to try them out.
I love the normal No7 nail polishes and always pick up a few when I have vouchers. Their top coat is my absolute favourite and is the best I have had for drying quickly and leaving an expensive looking finish. The normal colour polishes, although the colour range isn't the most exciting and tends to be plain colour polishes, has some lovely polishes with a brush which coats the nail in one sweep and dries faster than most other polishes I own. 
After a bit of deliberating I decided to pick up Mint Treat and Summer Holiday. They were the only brights in the range, the only other I fancied was a burgundy, so I hope they expand this range. You can see from the picture on the right, the brush is almost flat which is fantastic for quick application.

Mint Treat is such a gorgeous turquoise shade, while Summer Holiday is a perfect "barbie" pink. Excuse the poor photo of Summer Holiday, but Mint Treat shows how amazing the shine is on these lovelies. I have yet to see how long they last as I changed Summer Holiday quickly but Mint Treat is still going strong with no chips two days in. I have been going for purple or coral shades recently, so this is a little different for me but I really love Mint Treat.
I really hope No7 bring out more shades in this range as I can see them being popular. I haven't tried the Gel Look Top Coat which goes with the range but if the normal top coat is anything to go by then it will be a good one! If you have't tried No7 polishes yet then I would recommend giving them a try while the £3 vouchers are still around, they make them a bargain at £3 for a normal polish or £3.50 for one from the Gel-Shine range. 

Have you tried the No7 polishes yet? If the shade range grows then I reckon they could be a Barry M Gelly rival (with a slightly larger price tag) although I wouldn't usually buy unless I had a voucher...


  1. I love Mint Treat, it's such a nice colour! I love No7 polishes in general, they have such good brushes! I agree with you though, I only buy them when I have a voucher! :)

  2. GlitterandGloss4 July 2013 at 18:21

    Lovely isn't it! I love the brushes too and they last really well without chipping. It's never worth buying them full price, they have the vouchers out so often, I always wait then stock up with vouchers.

  3. Not bad, but I prefer Barry M =)

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  4. Nice turquiose colour.