Saturday, 9 February 2013

My First Glossybox

I have heard mixed reviews about Beauty Boxes and whether or not they are worth the money, and have fancied trying one for a while now. I eventually decided to go for Glossybox after a bit of googleing and reading reviews (I found this review from Elle very useful) I liked the idea of it being aimed at beauty junkies and there are loads of well known and expensive brands on board with them. At £10 and £2.95 P+P it isn't cheap, but you have to consider the worth of the products included. After getting an email last night to say my first Glossybox was on it's way, I was very excited to see the courier man turn up this morning! It also gave me a good excuse to abandon my essay again :).

The first thing I noticed was the lovely packaging. Even the cardboard box the Glossybox comes in is gorgeous. I love the pink box (valentines themed this month) and will definitely be keeping these as storage boxes if they are always this pretty.

I was impressed to see four large products and only one miniature, although only the eyeshadow palette and lipstick are full retail size. You even get a heart shaped lolly which is a nice touch. 
Included were two body products:
Anatomicals Rose body cleanser £5 for 300mls (150mls included) this smells gorgeous and I'm looking forward to using it. I love the bright packaging. 
Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream £25 for 50mls (30ml included). I love this one, it actually does smell like raspberry, I usually find moisturisers smell rubbish so this is lovely. I have heard really good reviews about the brand too, so I'm looking forward to trying it.
Now the beauty products:


ModelCo Eyeshadow Duo Palette in Bronzed Goddess £18. I love neutral shades for day-to-day wear so was happy to see the lovely gold and shimmery brown shades.

Helen E Lipstick in Cafe au Lait £8 full size included. I'm not too sure about the colour of this but I'll give it a go.
And finally Micabella Mineral Blush in Terra Cotta £34.95 for 9g (0.8g included). This looks a little orangey, but could be quite a nice natural shade. Mineral powders are always popular so I'll be interested to see whether or not it is any better than my normal blush.

I totted up the worth of the products included and as far as I can work out, the value of the box is around £42 which is amazing to say it cost £10. I probably won't use the lipstick but still fantastic value for the products included. I wasn't sure how I would feel when I ordered it, but I will be ordering next months box. It's a lovely little treat to receive every month and I like the surprise of finding out what is included.
I will add some reviews once I've had chance to try them out!
Do any of you subscribe to Beauty Boxes? Which do you think are best and have you had any amazing products sent?


  1. I received the same! My lipstick colour is a bit more wearable
    I've also just tried the face cream, it is absolutely brilliant, soaks into the skin straight away despite being quite a heavy whipped formula.

  2. petitmoi-bigworld9 February 2013 at 15:21

    I got my first ever box today, too =) Though mine was an utter surprise as the fiance ordered it for me for my birthday.

    I am really happy with mine but am still quite jealous of some of your bits, yours was worth a lot more and had a lovely variety - But still really happy with mine!

    Lovely post, enjoy =)

  3. Oh I'm disappointed now haha I like yours better. The face cream has to be the best bit, I love it just because of the scent. I tried a bit on my hand earlier (I already had make-up on when it came) and I still smell nice now!.

  4. Ooh I'm not sure, I like my face cream and eyeshadows, but yours is good too. I don't think more expensive is always better. I think I'd prefer a few bits I could afford myself if I like them.

    That's a lovely idea for a present, it must of been such a nice surprise :)

  5. petitmoi-bigworld9 February 2013 at 15:46

    Oh I totally agree, that's why I'm only a little bit jealous - It's the face cream, but that said I have plenty of face creams! They're both fab boxes, to be honest, such a nice variety - Even though you got two eye products they're both very different types.

    As you say, the fact that the things I got are repurchasable is just great - One of my reservations about getting beauty boxes was the fear of loving something that cost a fortune, heh

    It really was. I had a bit of an idea that he might've done it, but it was still a huge surprise to open the door to it this morning :)

  6. Yeh I really like the variety, but I am glad I got more beauty items than body ones, I don't think I'd be bothered about a box with no make-up. I do love trying new things though and I had only heard of two of the brands so it's a nice change.

    Is yours a one-off? I'm looking forward to next months already, but I'm worried it won't be as good and I'll end up wasting my money haha

  7. petitmoi-bigworld9 February 2013 at 16:13

    Definitely agree. I like body stuff but as long as there's beauty in there too (they're called beauty boxes for a reason hehe) - Definitely, that's why I have been so tempted. I use latest in beauty, too, as they're fab for just having a smaller sample of something to try.

    Nope! I assumed it was, but he says he put £50 aside for it so that should cover 4 months worth =D I'm really looking forward to the coming months - I think it's difficult, as you say, I've seen reviews where people aren't so happy with them and i don't want to end up like that. I think that's why the fiance wanted to get some for me so that I could get a real feel for it and then decide for myself once it's done (though doubt I'll be able to afford it long term)

  8. I signed up for latest in beauty when I found an offer for a freebie but I never really understood how it worked haha.

    That's really good, if you don't think it's worth it after that you can cancel. I suppose it is quite expensive over the year if you don't use half the stuff. I'm gonna give it a few more months before I decide if I'm going to commit to it. I might just get the odd one every now and again if the next few aren't amazing

  9. petitmoi-bigworld9 February 2013 at 16:52

    Ahh yeah that's understandable, it's quite easy when you get used to it, though. The 'boxes' are the thing you do monthly, you choose one thing from each page and instead of paying online it does it through your mobile bill. I found that the first time I did it the options I had for each three choices were limited but the second time the choices were much better. They're only diddy samples, sometimes only onensachet of something for example, but this month I got 6 sachets of a face cream, one of those handy vial sizes of a fragrance and two mini bottles of a cellulite oil, which I thought was pretty good going for £1.50. They also do luxury samples, which are more like the sorts of things you get from gb, but you choose which ones you want and when you want, more like just buying from a shop. Pluuuus they do collections where you buy a box for a fixed price like with a gb, except you know what you're getting so can be more selective - I just got their rather cool complexion collection and I got their advent calendar after xmas for half price, was very impressed. Sorry,that was quite long reply, I don't work for them, honest, I just think they're pretty great

    I definitely agree, that sounds like a good idea. Getting one every now and again, I wish I'd got the xmas one this year so I might try to always get that. Seems v day ones are a good one too :)

  10. petitmoi-bigworld9 February 2013 at 16:54

    Oh, also, with the lib boxes, I say it's monthly, but it's not every month unless you want to, you can do it infrequently if you want, you just make it work for you

  11. That actually sounds really good I'm gonna have another look see what I fancy. It's a really good idea if you need to invest in something good like a new moisturiser or something, so you'd get an idea if you liked it rather than wasting money

  12. petitmoi-bigworld9 February 2013 at 22:50

    Yeah, definitely, and you can get some pretty good bargains through the luxury samples and the collections, some full sized bits for really reduced prices, or at least, pretty good sized samples. Plus the tools and stuff, got vintage cosmetics company eyelash curlers, which I love, in the advent calendar, and their eyeshadow brush in the complexion perfection collection. I just really hope some of the luxury samples they have at the mo stick around a few more weeks as I'm planning on an order with birthday monies :)