Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No7 BB Lips

No7 are one of those brands I think people either love or hate. I personally love certain bits. Their Essentially Natural Foundation is my absolute favourite foundation. Their Quick Dry Top Coat is something I rave about and have turned a few of my friends onto it too. I love their blusher and eye shadows. As for their lip products though, I have never been impressed. Recently though, I think they have stepped up their game and come out with a couple of new products which I have really liked.

Every brand going seems to have a BB cream now. I have never seen a BB lip cream before though! The No7 BB Lips claim to provide colour, nourishment and UV protection with SPF15. I don't usually take much notice of SPF in products, although I know I should, so this is a nice touch. There are six lovely colours available, although my tiny Boots only has four. I went for Blush Pink, a reddy toned pink and Blush Coral a lovely nude with a coral tint. 
The BB lips are like nothing I have ever tried before. They are quite glossy but go on like a balm so last better and aren't sticky. They really work like a balm and leave my lips feeling lovely and soft. Unlike a balm though, you get a good 2-4 hours wear depending on what you eat or drink. The paler shades aren't fantastic for pigmentation, although you can build the colour, but Blush Pink is better and is only a mid shade, there are two darker so I imagine they will give even more colour. For me though, they are perfect for the days where you just want a hint of colour.
They are very quick and easy to apply, you simply squeeze a little out, with the slanted tip allowing you to apply perfectly. I have been really impressed with the way these apply and how well they last!
For £8.50 they are a little on the expensive side for what is essentially a tinted balm, although there are £3 off vouchers going round at the moment along with No7 cosmetics being on buy one get one half price, which makes them much better value. The two I bought would come to about £10 with the deal and a voucher which isn't so bad (mine were cheaper with my discount)! 

The six shades are available here. Would you give these a try? I like the look of Berry Rose!

Monday, 29 April 2013

NOTD: Purple Glitter

I've gone off glitter polishes recently and haven't been wanting to use them as much as normal. When I spotted this one though, I had to have it. I know the 2True Glitterati polishes are coveted among nail bloggers and to be honest, I had never really seen the appeal until I spotted the purple and pink Shade 4!
I decided to use it over one of my favourite bargain polishes, MUA Frozen Yoghurt. I bought this before they changed the packaging to the new Essie-esque style, but for £1 I think they are fantastic quality and there are some lovely colours!
I have to say, I think Frozen Yoghurt is replacing my Barry M Prickly Pear Gelly as my new go-to purple shade. It goes beautifully with the pink and purple glitters in the Glitterati polish. The glitter did need a bit of placing but dried quickly and has lasted really well.
This has actually been on my nails for about 3 days now and I'm still loving it. I usually get bored after a day or two and want to change, but it looks so pretty!

Have you tried the 2True polishes? I hadn't ever taken much notice of them before! They seem to be quite hard to get your hands on but are in Superdrug for £2.99, if you can find the Glitterati ones!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

MUA Power Pouts

My post today is going to be probably exactly the same as every other review of these that has been gracing the blogging world in the past month or so, but I had to show a bit of love for them. By them I mean the MUA Power Pouts. I love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, so I had to get my hands on a couple of these for £3 a go. They work in the same way as the Revlon Balm, a beautifully packaged chubby pencil which can be twisted up from the bottom. I love this idea, they are so easily applied and can be built up for a more intense colour.
I picked up three colours, Rendezvous, a pinky nude, Justify, a pinky coral and Broken Hearted, a true pink. I was hoping there would be a little more difference between the shades, but once worn they look very similar (perhaps I need to build them up a little more). The formula is gorgeous though, they aren't a stain like the Revlon, but won't disappear as quickly as a lip balm. They are also glossier than the Revlon alternative. I do find they last really well though and you won't be constantly reapplying, although at £3 a go, reapplying can be forgiven.

  Bare lips                                                            Rendezvous
       Justify                                                           Broken Hearted

I have been reaching for these loads in the past few weeks as my lips are still a little dry and these don't show that and are really moisturising. I love Justify although Rendezvous is a gorgeous shade which goes with anything and is perfect for work. 

I love the chubby pencil style lip products, I find them so easy and quick to apply. I have heard rumours of a Seventeen version hitting stands soon so I'll be on the hunt for that one to compare, but all in all another win for MUA in my opinion. I have a growing collection of their products, all of which are fantastic quality for the price and they are fast becoming a favourite brand despite many accusing them of lacking any originality in their products. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Power Pouts are available in six colours from the MUA website here.

Have you tried these? They don't quite match up to my Revlon favourites, but at less than half the price who can complain?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NOTD: Rimmel Salon Pro

I have been waiting to get my hands on the new Kate Moss for Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polishes since they were announced. I love the Rimmel nail polishes and the Salon range are fantastic quality for the price so I was excited to see some new shades and a new brush! 
I picked up a couple of shades, Urban Purple and Reggae Splash. I love love love Reggae Splash. Its a gorgeous light summery apricot shade which will be amazing for some summery nail art I have planned. I paired it today with Sinful Colors glitter in All About You. I love this glitter, it isn't just a boring gold, it has small bronze/orangey specks which really catch the light and match really well with the orange in Reggae Splash.
I had to take a picture of the brush, its amazing. Its one of those large flat brushes which covers your full nail in one sweep. This shade does need three coats but you expect that with such a pale colour anyway.
Initially I was really impressed with this polish, I love the colour, the brush and the gel like finish. However, it does claim up to 10 days chip free wear. Mine chipped after a couple of hours while I was at work (and I wasn't even working hard!) and looked awful by the end of the second day. My nails are prone to chipping but I was expecting better than that!
Anyway, I would still recommend these for the colour range and they do look amazing, just don't expect miracles in terms of wear. I managed to pick these up for £3 from ASDA but they will usually be £4.49 and can be bought here

Have you tried the new Salon Pro range? Will you be giving them a go?

Monday, 22 April 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation

This is a product I have been trying for about a week now. I held off posting about it after a couple of uses as my first impressions weren't great, and I'm glad I did as my opinion has really changed! The Undress Your Skin foundations claims to:

"cover imperfections and blemishes whilst maintaining your skins natural glow with light-diffusing particles of shimmer that creates instant radiance"

Now as much as this review will be a positive one, I can't completely agree with the description. I expected a light, moisturising foundation with a little shimmer the likes of Rimmel's Wake Me Up. What you actually get is a medium/full matte finish. I have since realised this is the description given on the website, I picked it up without reading that and expected something different. I can't agree with the shimmer aspect though, it really is a matte foundation. I do really like this but it is a little thick for me as I do prefer light foundations and generally am not a fan of matte finishes which cling to dry skin. 

Anyway, I did say I really like it and I do! It does go on a little thick and initially I didn't like the look of it, but I found the best way to use it is to apply as normal and let it settle for a couple of minutes. I'm not sure why but this really makes all the difference for me as it somehow goes from a caked on look to a more natural, even matte finish. I have had loads of compliments for the look of my skin since wearing this and I have to agree, it does give a really gorgeous looking smooth base whilst being thick enough to cover blemishes and my horrible dark circles. This is the biggie for me, it really does brighten my dark circles! You do have to be a little careful with dry patches, this will cling, but leaving it to settle for a few minutes after applying and setting it with powder does seem to make it a little less obvious. 

 Left: wearing only foundation, Right: with powder and blusher.

Just a quick mention of the shade range, it is a little disappointing. I went for the middle of the three shades, beige, which I would usually expect to be fine for my skin but it is a little pale (I can only just get away with it which is fine whilst the weather isn't so nice, but I tan easily so I imagine this will be too pale in the coming months) so I am tempted to try the darker shade. Perfect for you paler beauties, but I am by no means dark skinned so anyone much more tan than me, there may not be a shade dark enough. 
I have mentioned a couple of negatives for this foundation, but on the whole I am impressed. I can apply this early morning and be working all day/running around as normal and it will still look perfect when  come home late at night. 
I managed to pick this up during the introductory offer for £3, but it usually sells for £5 which I still think is a reasonable price and I would repurchase, although perhaps in the darker shade! Don't be put off by the swatches on the website, beige is pale!

Have you tried this foundation? Would you try it? Despite it being a fuller coverage than I am used to I am really liking this one for those days where your skin just won't behave!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Invogue Feathers Jaye Bird

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the amazing Nails Inc Feather dupes I had managed to find from Invogue for £3.49 (read the post here). I love the first shade I tried (Parakeet) and had been looking for a nice shade to use with Jaye Bird. After trying Sinful Colors Island Coral the other day I though this make a perfect contrasting base to the blue and white strands in Jaye Bird.
 How gorgeous is this? Its a perfect summery mix of colours and I love the effect the feather polishes give. I only used one coat of Jaye Bird here as I wanted the coral to show through, but even one coat gives really good coverage with the strands. You do need to file down the ends and add a top coat though, as the strands can be quite sharp if they stick over the nail edge (as I found by managing to scratch my face with a sharp bit!).
I'm really tempted to pick up the other two shades in the range as the two I have are so pretty! I have also spotted the Invogue range on Fragrance Direct for £2.50 a time! Bargain! I'm also going to hunt around my collection for some more colours which would go well with my feather polishes, I really love the effect and want to try out some more summery coloured polishes.
Has anyone else tried these? I haven't seen them featured in many posts, but I can see them being a big hit when more people get their hands on them!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

April Glossybox

I had a sneak peek at a few early reviews of this months box (I know half the fun is the surprise but I just can't help myself!) and was seriously looking forward to getting mine. I think this is the best box I've had yet! There were a couple of other bits I'd spotted which I would have liked to have got too, but I'm really happy with everything in my box! Anyway, onto the un-boxing (de-boxing? I don't know!).

First off, how gorgeous is the box? The design was created by Pearl Lowe, who is also featured in an interview in the free booklet. I use my Glossyboxes for storage so this will make a lovely addition to my growing collection. The theme for this months box is Spring Fever, products to get you ready for Spring. I think this is a really nice idea with the weather just starting to pick up! The total value of this months box came to about £27

My sample products, 3 full size and a nice mix of make-up, body products and a cute little fragrance sample.

Surprisingly, the Essie polish (Full size, £7.99) was the sample I was most excited to see in my box! I had seen a few colours in other bloggers boxes and was hoping for the lilac but to be honest I have lots of purples and nothing like Rosebowl so this will make a nice addition to my collection.

I was also really excited to see a Sleek blusher (full size, £4.49), I hadn't seen these in anyone else's box but I have seen plenty of good reviews on different blogs and never tried one myself so this was a lovely surprise. I received Suede, a gorgeous natural pinky brown. I love the colour and this will be perfect for a natural look. I always tend to go for pinky blushes so this is a nice change. Plus how lovely is the compact? I'm really impressed with this one!

I had seen a few boxes with the pistachio version of this, but I love fruity fragrances so I was so happy to try the mango version! Nip + Fab Mango Smoothie Body Butter (50ml, full size 200ml £9.95). I tried this out straight away and it smells amazing! The tiny amount on the picture has made my hands feel so soft. This will definitely be getting used!

This is something I had not heard of before, A-Derma Intense Repair Lip Balm (full size, £7.95). It contains Rhealba Oat Milk (seriously? I think they make these things up :/) to soften and protect your lips. I have loads of lip balms as I do suffer badly with dry lips, so I'm always on the look out for something amazing and  my first impression of this is good! I have it on at the moment, so I'll see how well it works!

 Finally, a nice touch as I hadn't had any fragrance samples before, a sample size Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple (5ml, full size 50ml £44). The box it comes in is so pretty! I wasn't expecting much as I am quite picky with the perfumes I like but surprisingly I actually like this one! Its a little strong but quite fruity and really lovely.

I really loved last months box but this one has topped it!. £27 worth of products is really good value and it will all get used! I have been really impressed with my Glossyboxes so far and I know a lot of people have had bad experiences, but I am quite happy to keep getting them, I love the little surprise treats every month! I have been saving my Glossydots too, meaning after next months box I can have a freebie!
Have you had this months box? Were you as happy as I am?

My Nail Polish Storage

I've seen a few posts recently about how bloggers store their make-up or nail polishes. I'm really nosy so I love reading these and use them as inspiration for my own storage. I love my current set-up for my nail polishes, they were just stuck in old boxes before, but now I have something proper for them all it makes things so much easier for me to find what I want, so I thought I would share as it was suuuuuper cheap and works really well if you have loads of polishes like me (I was going to count them but I daren't, its getting ridiculous now!)
These drawers hold all my nail polishes and extra bits and bobs. They aren't the most attractive things ever but I'm looking for some nice wallpaper or something to slot in the front of them to make them look a little nicer. A set of 4 drawers was £5 from ASDA and I have two sets (the last two drawers I haven't needed....yet!). They sit between my bed, where I sit to do my nails and my wardrobe. 
The first draw holds my glitters, glitter top coats and magnetic polishes, including a loads of Barry M. I love Barry M, they are so cheap and fantastic quality. I did start trying to swatch the colours on the lids but I have too many polishes and got bored!
The second draw holds most of my basic colours, including all my Barry M plain colours and Gellys. I did start off with these being really organised but as I've acquired more they just kind of go wherever they will fit!
The third draw has all the polishes too big for the height of the draw (Sally Hansen and No7) and some more random polishes like my MUA £1 bargains!
The fourth has my caviar beads and quick dry spray (link here). This is amazing! Honestly if you haven't tried it then do! There is a random mix of bits that wouldn't fit in the other drawers and recent purchases which I need to use!
Draw five has my extra bits and bobs, nail fluff, nail art pens, dotting tools, Revlon Moon Candy, nail files, stamping tools and other random bits to stick and draw on.
The final draw (I wonder if anyone actually made it this far...) has striping tape, nail brushes, false nails and bits of studs and things. Anything that wouldn't fit anywhere else.
The top of the drawers is also quite useful for bits I need (my dissertation book, I'd probably survive it better if I put as much time into it as I do blogging!) and my lovely glittery iphone holder I got from ebay for about £4 (here)

So there we go, my lovely little (if a bit full now) nail polish drawers. They have made things so much easier for me as I know where everything is and it is all within reach. I just need to find some wallpaper I like to make them look prettier and it will be perfect. If you'd like a post on my nail polish collection let me know, I know it isn't really clear on the pictures what they all are. I'm going to stop rambling now as my Glossybox just arrived and I can't wait to open it!!
Let me know if you like this idea, or link me up some posts of your storage, I love being nosy!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sinful Colors Island Coral

The sun is shining today which makes a nice change (well it was when I wrote this, it isn't now! Silly British weather!!). It also made me want to try something a little more summery on my nails. I picked up a couple of the Sinful Colors a few weeks ago seen as they are newly stocked in Boots, were on 3-for-2 and are a bargain at £1.99! I can't resist bargain polishes, I know they usually aren't as good quality as the more expensive brands but who has over a tenner to spend on a polish they might use a couple of times? Not me! I've heard good things about Sinful Colors though, so wanted to try them for myself. That and I can't resist buying more nail polishes. I daren't count how many I have now, its getting ridiculous!
One of the colours I chose was Island Coral. I'm really loving coral at the moment and this is a gorgeous pinky coral. Its perfect for sunnier days and will look amazing with a tan! I did find the polish to be a little runny but two coats gives a lovely finish and it dried pretty quickly.
First off, how amazing is the colour (I keep wanting to write color, it just looks wrong :/ ). I can see this being a favourite for summer, and I'm already imagining some nail art which I think this would make a perfect base for (pastel flowers anyone?).
For £1.99 I'm really impressed with this one, they are definitely worth a try! There are loads of colours in the range including matte and glitter shades so plenty to pick from!
Have you tried Sinful Colors? I'd love to hear what you think or if you have any colours worth trying!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Revlon Moon Candy: Orbit

I posted a while back about the gorgeous new Revlon Moon Candy polishes I managed to get my hands on. I tried Galactic first here and today decided to give Orbit a go. I have tried Satellite but was really disappointed with the look of it, the Burgundy base is lovely but the glitter comes out yellow and I just didn't like it! I really want to mix them up a bit though and try the glitters over some different colours. As much as I love the effect I think Revlon made a bit of a mistake and could have used more contrasting base colours so that the glitter showed up more. 
Anyway, Orbit was my favourite of the three initially (its purple, go figure), but after trying them out I think Galactic is my favourite combination. Orbit has a gorgeous deep purple base colour which only needs one coat. These base colours have really impressed me as I don't own many one coaters. The glitter top coat although lilac in the bottle, comes out blue on the nail. 
As you can see the glitter just doesn't show up very well. With Galactic, the glitter was really obvious and really stood out in the light, whereas Orbit just doesn't have the same effect.
 I do really like these and I think over a different colour base this will look amazing, the colours are just too similar to put together. The glitter doesn't stand out and give the almost holographic effect that I got with Galactic. As a single polish though, the base colour is fantastic for needing only one coat and is a lovely purple.
I have to say for £7.99 I think these are a little overpriced for what you get. I was really swept up in the idea of them when I picked up three and I am slightly regretting it now, especially with Satellite. I wish I'd just looked for a flaky holographic glitter to go with the polishes I already own. I will keep trying though, I'm sure with a little colour mixing, you could get some really gorgeous effects from these polishes! Revlon posted this photo on twitter earlier and I love the glitter tips so this might be one to try! Also check out Satellite in the bottom pic, I just don't like the yellow!
Has anyone else found a better way to use these yet? I'm not 100% sold on them, but I'll keep trying!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Simple Nail Art 7: Nail Art Pens (Barry M & Sharpie Markers)

I love detailed nail art. I wish I could draw freehand some of the amazing designs I have seen on other peoples nails! I can't though, I don't have a steady hand and always manage to make a mess. I can't control nail art brushes well enough to get detailed lines or patterns.
I have never understood why as I used to love art and graphic design when I was at college. If any of you did graphic design you know how detailed and precise some of the drawings need to be. But when it comes to nails something goes wrong. I guess the point of this rambling is to tell you all that I have found something which can make it so much easier!

Most people probably have nail art pens. I've got a couple of Models Own ones and to be honest I've never got on with them. The striper is fine, but for some reason I didn't like the pen. This week I invested in a couple of new ones - Barry M's Nail Art Pens. Now these are something new. The nib is like that of a marker pen which means you can create neat thin lines and also fill in larger areas easily. These are amazing! I still need practise and my left hand looks like a two year old drew on it, but I am really impressed with what I have managed to do with them. At £4.99 a go (3-for-2 at Superdrug) these are really worth the investment if like me you struggle with detailed nail art.
After reading a post on MakeupSavvy I also picked up the Metallic Sharpie Markers (£4.57 for three on ebay here). Fee showed how easily these can be used to create intricate designs and after trying them myself I agree. The nibs are very similar to the Barry M Nail Art Pens and are very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend these and there are so many colours available. The metallic ones are gorgeous colours!
I decided to try out a design I have been wanting to do for a while - Aztec Print. If you google aztec nails there are so many different amazing designs to do for inspiration. I found a couple I liked and took different patterns from these to include in my design. I won't do a how too as these are pretty self explanatory, but you can just go mad and try whatever patterns you like. I kept mine pretty simple with Barry M Prickly Pear as a base and started with gold and silver stripes using the Sharpie Markers, then adding details with the black and white Barry M Pens. Finish the design with a top coat once the whole thing is dry and there you go- simple Aztec print nails. 
I love this kind of design and I'll be trying out some different versions to get some practise with using the pens. Its not perfect but I don't think its bad for a first attempt though! I really love the Barry M pens, they were so easy to use!

Will you be trying out the markers or nail art pens? They really are so easy to use! Leave me a link below if you do try them!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

"Get To Know Me" Tag

I've spotted this on a couple of blogs and decided I wanted to put a little about myself into this blog too. I'm sure there are loads of versions floating around if you want to fill it out too. I like reading posts like this myself as it feels more personal than product reviews and nail art posts, as much as I love those! Anyway, if you're interested, read on: :)

1. Are you named after anyone? I don't think so but I know if I was a boy I would have been called Rupert (poor me!)

2. When was the last time you cried? I can't actually remember, crying isn't really me. I have been feeling a little down over the last few days but things will sort themselves out so no tears here :).

3. Do you have kids? No! I'm not a maternal person at all and lots of people from my school year have children but for me, there's lots of things I'd like to do first. I really want to travel more and have a proper career so children will have to wait.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Probably, I'm pretty loyal and like to think I'm a good friend, but then you never know what other people think.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Sometimes, but it depends who I'm talking to. I hate sarcasm over the internet though as it never comes across how it is meant to.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? Nooooo I hate heights. That would be one of the worst things I could imagine doing. I don't really have many phobias but heights are the one thing I can't stand.

7. What's your favourite cereal? Cereals are boring but I like crunchy nut and those crunchy nut bites with fruit in, they're amazing!

8. What's the first thing you notice about people? I suppose what they are wearing, not in a bad way, it just stands out. Also nails, maybe it's just because I always have to have mine looking nice, but I hate tatty chipped nail polish and dirty nails eww.

9. What is your eye colour? Some kind of greeny bluey grey mix depending on the day.

10. Scary movie or happy endings? Neither, I can't stand scary films or soppy ones but I love anything that will make me laugh.

11. Favourite smells? Vanilla always smells amazing and I love fruity perfumes. I'm not a fan of floral smells though.

12. Summer or winter? Summer, I love not having to wear a coat and how happy everyone is when it's nice and warm. You won't ever hear me complain it's too warm.

13. Computer or television? Computer definitely. I don't know what I'd do without the internet and the T.V is usually just background noise for me. I love internet shopping and have got really into blogging so even a day without my laptop and I don't know what to do with myself.

14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home? Majorca, not too far but it's lovely there. I'd love to see more of the world though. I really want to visit Japan.

15. Do you have any special talents? Not really. I'm pretty boring, the only interesting thing I can say I've done is (almost) got a masters. Just a few months to go, but not really a talent.

16. Where were you born? Wakefield. A pretty rubbish excuse for a city in Yorkshire. I lived in Manchester for 3 years though and I'd love to move back there.

17. What are your hobbies? I love to blog, I read a lot and I suppose I'd have to class my masters as a hobby as I do it alongside work. Apart from that I'm pretty boring I guess.

18. Do you have any pets? No, my parents would never let me and my brother have pets. My mum complained that anything kept in a cage smells and anything bigger than that would mess up the house! I'd like something strange like a lizard or a snake

19. Favourite movie? Hard one! I have a few I can watch over and over but probably either Moulin Rouge or Chicago. I don't generally like musicals but these are so good! Probably my most watched films ever. 

20. Do you have any siblings? My brother is 21 and is a typical guy spending 99% of his time on his Xbox and the rest sleeping/eating. 

21. What do you want to be when you grow up? I suppose at 23 I am grown up! But I honestly don't know! I wanted to carry on with my education to become a chartered Occupational Psychologist but I just can't afford to do it. My dream job would be to work with employees within an organisation who are suffering from stress and help treat them or teach them how to better deal with it. I really want to get qualified to give CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) but again, I would need to win the lottery. Is it just me who thinks if you want an education you should be able to get one and not be stopped by a lack of money? 

There we go, a little bit about me! I'm not going to tag anyone else in this but if you do fill it out leave me a comment, I'd love to give it a read!

MUA and Barry M Haul

Not working full time is deadly for me. I can't stand sitting around the house doing nothing so more often than not I end up going for a wonder round the shops. So that's what happened today. I didn't buy much, just a couple of bits, but I thought I'd show you them anyway. My MUA order also arrived today (yay!) I have been waiting to get my hands on the Power Pouts since MUA announced their release and I finally gave in and ordered some (and a few other bits).

I have mentioned before how much I love the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains, so had to try MUA's bargain £3 versions! I chosen Broken Hearted, a gorgeous pink shade, Rendezvous, a lovely pinky nude and Justify, a shimmery coral shade. I haven't tried these properly yet but judging by the swatches, and how well they stained my hand, these are going to be amazing for the price! Another win for MUA!

I also picked up one of the new Merged Baked Eyeshadow Trios in Legendary, again £3. These look like perfect shades for a day-to-day look. I love blending shades like these to give a shimmery smoky eye. I can't wait to try them out!

I also couldn't resist trying out one of the new style nail polishes in Pistachio Ice Cream. I don't own many green shades and this is a gorgeous pale minty green which will be perfect for Spring. How pretty are the new bottles? I was really impressed with the old style for £1, so hopefully the new style will be just as good. I hope they will bring some new shades out soon though, there aren't many on the website, a lot seem to have been discontinued.

Finally, something else I have been waiting to get my hands on- the Barry M nail art pens. These were on 3-for-2 at Superdrug, so all 3 were only a tenner! (£4.99 each). I have seen some amazing reviews of these so I'm going to give them a go as I don't have the steadiest hand and find nail art quite tricky sometimes. I can see these colours working well on an Aztec style design which I have been wanting to try, so watch out for that one!

So there we go, I did buy a couple of other bits but nothing interesting just essentials like tights. I also realised I forgot to include the MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation which was on offer for £3 instead of £5, and I can't find it! I tried it today though and really like it, so I'll review it soon, if I find it! I was in a rush this morning so it could be anywhere!
What have you been lusting over recently? I know the Power Pouts and Nails Art Pens have been on a lot of bloggers wishlists this month! Have you tried them yet?