Monday, 12 August 2013

August 2013 Glossybox

Glossybox time of the month seems to come round so quickly. This is the second box of my three month subscription and next months will have to be my last as the boy and I have found a flat! We are hoping to move out next week if all gets sorted out so I won't be able to afford non-necessities like Glossybox as we try to make the flat into a home. I seriously can't wait! It does mean things may be a little quite around here for a few weeks though, whilst I get settled and try to finish my Masters dissertation!
This is just going to be a quick post as I have seen soooo many reviews of this box already and they all seem pretty similar. This months theme is High Flyers, so beauty on the go I guess.
First up some £20 eye-lash curlers? Really? I love my £7.50 No7 ones and with a voucher that makes them £4.50. Can I see these being worth 4 times as much? Nope...they do the job but I wouldn't pay the price.
Secondly, and disappointingly the only real make-up product in the box, Jelly Pong Pong eyeliner and shadow crayon in black. Boring, plain, black. I love the other colours but this is just a fat eyeliner. Nothing special.
The TRESeme Keratin Smooth treatment is something I want to try. I love the split end treatment so I'm hoping this will help my heat damaged hair. Until it grows out a bit I am having to straighten it every day so I hope this will help do some good to my hair for a change.
I think about the last four or five boxes I have had contained moisturiser samples, so I wasn't too pleased to find another one and although it is nice, something a bit different would have been better. Plus on my beauty profile I stated I have dry not oily skin, well done Glossybox....I don't really want to use this in case it makes my dry skin worse.
Finally, a make-up remover pen from some unknown brand, price unknown? Seems a little strange but I like the idea. It seems perfect for eyeliner or eyeshadow mistakes or just to neaten up a little. The fact that it has 3 spare tips is good, as I can't imagine using the same one for lipstick as around my eyes.

All in all a pretty disappointing box this month. I have had a few boxes recently that I haven't been too keen on so unless next months is amazing, I won't miss them too much when I stop paying for them. 

Has anyone else had the same box? It isn't the worst ever but just a little boring, nothing really special or exciting.


  1. I hope my box is different to this xx


  2. That's disappointing :( The eye lash curlers seem good but if you've already got some then there is no point. I hope you get a better box next time x

  3. It isn't all that bad I've just had a few rubbish ones now so I don't think I'd carry on with it even if I wasn't trying to save money. Think maybe I'm better off just buying stuff I want x

  4. I wish i got black eyeliner, mines green! My box is slightly different but i havent written up my post yet!

  5. Such a shame Glossybox couldn't live up to the original hype. I was subscribed for about a year and like you got so bored of recieving moisturisers and body oils!
    Great Post!
    Stevie |

  6. I thought you might like to know I nominated you for the Liebster award!