Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No7 BB Lips

No7 are one of those brands I think people either love or hate. I personally love certain bits. Their Essentially Natural Foundation is my absolute favourite foundation. Their Quick Dry Top Coat is something I rave about and have turned a few of my friends onto it too. I love their blusher and eye shadows. As for their lip products though, I have never been impressed. Recently though, I think they have stepped up their game and come out with a couple of new products which I have really liked.

Every brand going seems to have a BB cream now. I have never seen a BB lip cream before though! The No7 BB Lips claim to provide colour, nourishment and UV protection with SPF15. I don't usually take much notice of SPF in products, although I know I should, so this is a nice touch. There are six lovely colours available, although my tiny Boots only has four. I went for Blush Pink, a reddy toned pink and Blush Coral a lovely nude with a coral tint. 
The BB lips are like nothing I have ever tried before. They are quite glossy but go on like a balm so last better and aren't sticky. They really work like a balm and leave my lips feeling lovely and soft. Unlike a balm though, you get a good 2-4 hours wear depending on what you eat or drink. The paler shades aren't fantastic for pigmentation, although you can build the colour, but Blush Pink is better and is only a mid shade, there are two darker so I imagine they will give even more colour. For me though, they are perfect for the days where you just want a hint of colour.
They are very quick and easy to apply, you simply squeeze a little out, with the slanted tip allowing you to apply perfectly. I have been really impressed with the way these apply and how well they last!
For £8.50 they are a little on the expensive side for what is essentially a tinted balm, although there are £3 off vouchers going round at the moment along with No7 cosmetics being on buy one get one half price, which makes them much better value. The two I bought would come to about £10 with the deal and a voucher which isn't so bad (mine were cheaper with my discount)! 

The six shades are available here. Would you give these a try? I like the look of Berry Rose!

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