Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Lush Christmas

Lush is one of those shops you can't walk past without buying something. I love the smell of the place and how friendly the staff are. I've been seeing the Christmas range all over blogs for a while now, so while I was out shopping I had to stop in and pick up some Snow Fairy. I love Snow Fairy and I'm always a little gutted when they take it away after Christmas, so each year I buy some as a pre-Christmas treat. It didn't end there though, as one of the girls started talking to me and showing me the rest of the new Christmas range and I couldn't help myself, I ended up with a mini haul. 
I resisted picking up the giant bottle of Snow Fairy as I think over £10 is a little expensive for shower gel, so went for the medium bottle which is still pricey at £6.85 but it is worth it. I also chose Candy Mountain, one of the new Christmas Bubble Bars. I prefer these to the bath bombs as I love the bubbles and always think the scent goes further. It has tiny glitter particles inside and smells like bubblegum, lovely! On the right is Angels Delight soap which is designed to smell like jelly beans. It smells so sweet and very similar to Snow Fairy. I also picked up an Avobath Bath Bomb for my mum as her birthday is in a few days and she loves them, its become a bit of a tradition and I get her one each year.
These have only been sitting in my bathroom for a couple of hours and just having them in the room has made it smell gorgeous,  haven't even used anything yet! I'm really impressed with the new range and I'm so excited to use Snow Fairy again (sad I know!). 
Have you had anything from Lush recently? I know their products are a little on the pricey side but I love them for a treat every now and again.  

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