Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A little break....and an Autumn haul

You may have noticed I've had a little break from my blog recently. I haven't posted in over a month, which wasn't entirely intentional but things were getting too much for me. I had just started a new full time job and was trying to juggle that with finishing my masters dissertation and still finding time to see my friends. Somewhere amongst that I also moved away from my parents house into a flat with my boyfriend. Something had to go, and for a while it had to be the blog.
Things have settled down now though; my job is going well, my masters is done and I'm all settled in the flat. I also have a two week holiday from work, which gives me the perfect opportunity to show my blog some love. 
I thought I'd start with a little haul as I popped into Superdrug yesterday and spotted the new Barry M ranges on 3-for-2. I had to stop myself buying the lot, they all looked so pretty, but I resisted and only picked out a couple.
I had been admiring the new palettes online and have never really given Barry M make up a chance, just sticking to their nail polish, so I'll be interested to see how good the eyeshadows and blush are. I chose the Natural Glow Palette as it seems a perfect all-in-one everyday shade range.
Then I hit the new nail polishes...I went for two colours from the matte range, Caramel and Crush, as the swatches I had seen looked so lovely. I had also been admiring Countess from the textured range, I had to try this first and I love it! I also liked the look of the Crystal Glaze top coat and can't wait to try it over different colours. I picked up Berry Cosmo to make up my 3-for-2 offers as I hadn't seen it before and love a deep purple polish, this one will be perfect for Autumn!
How gorgeous is this colour? The picture doesn't do it justice, its such a lovely deep purple with gold and pink glitter and a slight texture. I had begun to find the textured polish trend a little boring, but this only has a slight texture which just makes the glitter stand out more. I'm not too bothered about trying the other colours in the range as I seem to have collected quite a few textured polishes, but this one is worth having!

Have you tried any of the new Barry M ranges? I can't wait to try the others!

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