Monday, 21 January 2013

Glitter and studs!

I went out round Leeds for a friends birthday on Saturday so I wanted to do something a bit special on my nails. I had bought some mini studs from ebay after seeing some amazing nail art done with them so thought I would give them a try.

This is how they look two days later, so they have lasted really well. I used two coats of black polish on each nail, with a coat of glitter and top coat to finish it off. 

These are the products I used: 

No7 Stay Perfect in Just Black
No7 Stay Perfect Limited Edition Glitter in Gold
No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat 
(This is amazing and something I always stock up on when I have No7 vouchers as it makes it so cheap with discount. It gives amazing shine and dries the polish so quickly, leaving it touch dry in less than a minute)

The studs I found quite difficult to apply. Once my nails had dried I tried to dab a spot of Broadway Jet Dry nail glue onto the stud, which led to me glueing my fingers together. Not a good idea! But once I thought to put the glue onto my nail it made it easier. Just dab the glue on then drop the stud into place and adjust before it dries. I added the top coat on once it dried to keep it all in place.

I love this look for a night out and will be trying it again!

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    This is the link on ebay for the studs, forgot to add it in :)