Sunday, 27 January 2013

MUA Fur Effect Nails

Another review for you today - MUA's Fur Effect Nails. I tried these last week and found they lasted really well despite me going to work and washing my hair etc, I think I had them on for three days which for me is a long time anyway!
Today I'm using Fluffy Bobbin, a lovely deep purple colour, with Barry M Gelly in Blackberry which I'm hoping will be a good match. The fur effects come in five colours so far (I'm hoping for more!) pale pink, bright pink, burgundy, bright blue and dark purple and sell for £3 - bargain!
The fur pots are pretty simple to use, all you have to do is paint your nails in the base colour, then add a second coat. The fur pots sieve the fluff for you which means it won't go clumpy as I have seen in some posts, so you just shake the fluff into the top of the pot so there is plenty in there. While the second coat is still wet you roll your finger in the fluff to coat it. 
Once coated I found it best to pat the fluff down straight away so you get the most possible stuck to the polish, then leave it to dry before using a small make-up brush to brush off the excess which can go back in the pot.
I really like the effect these give, the picture doesn't do it justice and I got loads of compliments and wow's the last time I used this. For £3 it is worth a try! I have a really interesting idea for these for a valentines day post so I'll see how that goes next time :)

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