Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MUA Nail Constellations

I've seen loads of posts around these lately and I love it! The Ciate caviar sets are so expensive and I couldn't believe it when I saw the MUA version in Superdrug for £2 (usually £3).
I have tried this once before but when I put a top coat on in the hope it would make it last longer it took a lot of the colour out of the beads, so this time I am trying nail glue.

I used Barry M Gelly in Blackberry as a base colour (this has to be my favourite polish at the moment, it is a gorgeous colour, lasts really well and gives a really nice shine without a top coat).

The nail constellations come in a bottle with a really useful nozzle to allow you to apply the beads easily. This shade is Leo, a gorgeous mix of bright purple and turquoise beads. They come with a little how to guide attached to the bottle
After painting a thick coat of polish onto the nail, leave for a few seconds to dry and then shake the beads over the nail until they are coated. This time however, I painted my nail first then brushed on the glue before applying the beads. I used a little tray I got some glitter pots in to catch the excess beads which can then be poured back into the bottle.

This was the finished look. I don't think the nail glue makes it any better, half of my nail dried before I could get the beads on and I had to put a top coat over anyway as they were falling off. But I do really love this effect and will be trying out more colours :)
As you can see, using the beads on only a couple of nails doesn't use much at all and after two uses I still have loads left. Amazing to think it only cost two quid. 

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