Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rimmel Cocktail Colours

Another newbie review for you today...Rimmel's Cocktail Colour in a Flash nail polish. This range contains 3 gorgeous bright colours which give a subtle shimmer rather than a full on glitter which I am getting a little bored of at the moment. I went for Baby Bellini which is a lovely pinky purple (obviously had to be the purple), but the other colours include Shirley Temple and Hawaiian Punch (orange and pink).
I really love this colour as it makes a nice change from the chunky glitters I seem to keep going for and it feels quite summery, something I think we all need at the moment!
I couldn't get a picture with a true to life version of the colour, it is more pinky than this but you can see the lovely shimmer it gives. Worth a try at £3.99 and on 3-for-2 at Boots at the moment!

While I'm talking about Rimmel I thought I'd just give a quick mention to something I have totally fallen in love with. I have a habit of peeling my nail polish off which has left my already weak nails peeling and thin, meaning I have to keep them short. I have tried a few base coats/strengtheners but not found any impressive ones. However, I have been using Rimmel Stronger base coat religiously for a while now and it is amazing! No more peeling and my nails are even starting to grow. A bargain at £4.59 and something I will keep on using.

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