Saturday, 25 May 2013

Claire's £1 Nail Polishes

I needed a bit of retail therapy this morning, so headed to the White Rose Centre in Leeds. I normally head straight for the same few shops which I know I like, but today a poster in the window of Claire's Accessories caught my eye and drew me in, all nail polishes £1! My nail obsession is no secret and I couldn't walk past this any more than an alcoholic could avoid the pub.
Amongst the lovely shades of normal polishes (which I have to say I have never tried, it isn't a shop I usually go in) I noticed a number of different effect polishes, so I had to pick up a couple to try. 
I managed to limit myself to 5 in total (£5, such a bargain!!). I never expected to find these effects in somewhere like Claire's so these were a nice surprise! I chose two leather polishes, nude and burgundy, a glitter sand in a lovely gold and two sprinkle effects in pink and blue (they don't have actual shade names). I was really happy about the sprinkle ones as the Barry M sprinkles are so disappointing and these look so pretty.
How pretty is the pink sprinkle polish? This is two coats and the pink, blue and white glitter bits make it look gorgeous. They claim to be chip-resistant but I will have to wait to judge that one.

Have you ever tried Claire's polishes? I don't know how long the £1 offer is on for but its worth a look!


  1. Bargain, look forward to see what the leather ones are like xx

  2. Yes I got those two leather polishes, and I can't wait to try them (nude leather? Gimme!)

  3. This looks very pretty! It also looks very similar to Nails Inc Topping Lane, which is £11!

    *scheduling a trip to Claires......*

  4. GlitterandGloss27 May 2013 at 17:27

    Ooh actually it really does! For a tenner less this is well worth having! I'm glad you said that, I've been eyeing up the Nails Inc for ages but never noticed how really similar this one is!