Saturday, 4 May 2013

Simple Nail Art 8: Scalloped Nails

Its been a while since I did one of these posts, which is a shame as I was quite enjoying the experimenting. I did find something new to try today though, once again dissertation boredom has driven me to googling nail art! I love the scalloped effect on clothes but I never thought of using it on my nails! If you google it though there are some lovely nail art post using this kind of effect.
I decided to keep it simple as I'm feeling lazy today and although I love the graduated scallops that seem to keep appearing, I just went for two colours.
These are super simple to do and you just need something to dot with, I use the dotting tools you can get from about a million different ebay sellers for about £2. I used the biggest end of one of my dotting tools and the bargain (old style) MUA nail polishes in Frozen Yoghurt for the base and Plum Noir for the detail.
I painted two coats of the lovely Frozen Yoghurt as a base and left it to dry. I then used the dotting tool and starting from half way up the left side of my nail, dotted Plum Noir down diagonally, trying to touch the dots and get as close as possible to the right corner of my nail. These aren't perfect but you can do the scallops any way you like, I just prefer this look to scalloped tips. 
 I then went back over each nail and filled in the space under the dots. I actually ended up taking pictures of my right hand as it somehow turned out neater than my left, for the first time ever!
I stuck on some top coat, left it all to dry and cleaned up.....and there we go, lovely scalloped nail art!
I really love this affect, its so simple and quick but so pretty! I'm gonna try the graduated scallops next as they look really amazing. I just have to mention the MUA polishes quickly too. They are really
amazing for £1 and I love the purpley colours they do! I have the old style bottles but the new Essie-esque bottles are so pretty too! If you haven't tried them you really should!

Would you try scalloped nails? I love things like this that can be done quickly but look so effective!


  1. These look fab xx

  2. Looks amazing :)

  3. GlitterandGloss6 May 2013 at 17:27

    thanks :) they are so simple to do and I loved how good they looked to say they didn't take long!