Friday, 3 May 2013

The First Miss Glossybox!

So anyone who reads my posts (hopefully someone does!) will know how much I have been loving the Glossyboxes I have received recently! So when I heard they were going to bring out a box purely filled with high street products I had to order one! I do love the original Glossybox but I have found a few of the products included a little out of my price range, so as I consider myself more of a budget blogger, Miss Glossybox seems right up my street (or high street....). I know they are aimed at the younger among us, and considering the products in this months box, that may be the only problem, a couple of  products are things I would count as a little young for me. Anyway, onto the box!
I have to say, the overall look isn't as impressive as the original box, I'm not a fan of the bag. Instead of a lovely re-usable box, the products come inside a patterned bag. Ok maybe they could be reused, but I like my Glossybox boxes for storage. I also prefer the pink theme, green is not my colour, maybe they will have different ones each time? I think this time there was only one version of the box too, maybe next times will have variations? I like not knowing what I am going to get!
The first product I pulled out was the So...? Lovely Dry Shampoo, Floral & Flirty (full size 150ml £2.49, 50ml included). I love Batiste Dry Shampoo and use it all the time so this will be interesting to compare. After a quick spray though, I wasn't impressed with the smell. It doesn't really smell floral just strange. 
The second product, Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask (full size 75ml £4.95, 10ml included). I love face masks but I haven't ever tried a clay one so I'll be giving this a go soon! I really like the fact that they highlight in the information that the ingredients are natural and no nasties!
My favourite of the bunch, 2True Glitterati in Shade 6 (full size included £1.99). I posted a NOTD the other day with Shade 4, which I do prefer colour wise, but this one is really pretty too! I used it over my InStyle free Nails Inc polish. You do get a nice pinky tint from the base with pink and gold glitter. It does need a base coat though. I have been impressed with these for the price, 2True are definitely worth a look!
BeautyUK Eye Pencil (full size included £1.99). I wasn't too impressed with getting a plain boring black eyeliner. I have been wanting to try out the BeautyUK range so something a little more interesting or even a different colour would have been nice, but then who won't use a black eyeliner? 
Now the last couple of products were the ones I wasn't too interested in. Eye Rock Eye Tattoos in Lace (£5.99). I like the idea of these but I can't see myself at 23 sporting these beauties. They might be nice for fancy dress though. I suppose the idea of the boxes is for something you might not have tried otherwise. 
I have been hearing lots about these popbands recently (£4-£8). I like the idea of them as I hate having my hair tied up as I hate the feeling and don't like my hair getting kinked. Maybe this will be a nice alternative although I can't figure them out. I don't know if I'm supposed to undo the knot so it fits or tie it in like a bobble? 
Finally, the Glossybox extras, a lovely striped set of nail clippers and a nail file and a little lolly. These are a nice little touch and I love the stripes! 
Overall I'm not convinced by this box, I will maybe use half of the products, which don't cover the box cost. I really like the concept though, and I will get next times box just to see if it gets any better. I do think they are better suited to younger people than me, although a high street box aimed at my age group (18-25) rather than teenagers might perhaps bring them more money in as we will most likely have more disposable income, just saying!
The value of this times box is around £15, which is good to say the box costs £7. Miss Glossybox can be ordered from the Glossybox site and is a bi-monthly box.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm going to hang in for another and see how that goes, but I haven't been convinced away from the original box!

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