Monday, 1 July 2013

Boots Discount Haul

I haven't worked at Boots since I started my new full time job, which has meant no discount for me (sad face). I had also been saving up my No7 vouchers so I could stock up when I could get my double discount on it. This meant a nice little haul when I was finally back in on Sunday and as it is my first haul in a while, I thought I'd share it! I may have gone a littler over the top but all make-up was buy one get one half price which was too tempting to resist!
The first bits I picked up were the No7 BB Cream (£12.95) and Essentially Natural Foundation (£9.95). I have been wearing the BB Cream loads recently and I love it. It gives me the perfect light coverage I want for work and feels lovely on my skin. The Essentially Natural is my daily foundation and I when I want it to last longer or need a  extra bit of coverage. I do only use light foundations as my skin isn't particularly bad and I don't like anything heavy and these two have been ticking all the boxes for me recently. If you haven't yet, go get colour matched for No7, their foundations are my favourite.
I also picked up another of the BB Lips in Belle Pink (£8.50) as I have been loving those after picking up a couple of other shades which I reviewed here.
Next stop, nail polish (obviously). I had seen the new No7 Gel Look polishes (£6.50) a few weeks back and fancied giving them a go, although I wasn't too impressed with the shade range. I did like the look of these bright ones though so picked up Summer Holiday (bright pink) and Mint Treat (turquoise). I have Summer Holiday on at the moment and it is gorgeous, so it will have its own post soon but first impressions- it is mega shiny and beats Barry M's Gellys in terms of looking like gel polish! I always stock up on top coat when I get vouchers so got another one this time (white top, £6.00) and also picked up the new Gel Look top coat (£6.50) to try.
These were all bought with the £3 off No7 vouchers and on buy one get one half price, so were a great bargain.
                                                                                       l-r: Revlon Lip Butters in Sorbet, Macaroon,
                                                                                    Maybelline Super Stay Tint Gloss in Lasting Pink.
I also needed a new primer as mine is running out. I still love the Seventeen Photo Flawless (£4.99) so picked up the same again. I can't bring myself to try another as this is just so good for the price.
I have been using Revlon Lip Butters (£7.99) almost constantly the last few months so decided to treat myself to another couple of shades. Sorbet is a bright pink which can be built up or left subtle like the swatch and Macaroon is a nude browny pink with a hint of glitter. I can see these two making their way into my daily routine along with my other Lip Butters.
Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Tint Gloss (£6.99) in Lasting Pink is something I have been trying to get my hands on for a while now but haven't been able to find. I wanted to try it after loving the L'Oreal Stain Splash and this colour is lovely without being too bright for me. They smell amazing too, really fruity. 

I may have spent the days wages before I even get paid but I am really happy with my little haul. I have lots of lovely new bits to try and I'm sure they will pop up in reviews soon. The No7 Gel polish will be first as I am already loving it!

I have just realised this is also my 100th post so a little bloggy milestone there for me! 

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