Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Summer Face: No7 BB Cream

With the weather being so warm lately I have been looking for something light to put on my face instead of foundation. I know a lot of people swear by BB Creams for that make-up free look but I never really got into the whole BB trend as I use light foundations anyway and the ones I had tried didn't seem much different. I had tried the No7 BB Cream a few times at work though and loved the colour and finish it gave so when the vouchers came around again this time I decided to give it a go.
The No7 BB Cream comes in three versions, normal/oily, normal/dry and dry/very dry and I chose the normal/dry in medium. The colour blends really well and although it suits me perfectly now with a bit of a tan it still blended in to look natural before the sun came out. I love it for those days where you don't need a full face of make-up, and recently since getting a bit of a tan, I have been using it every day. 
The finish you get from the BB Cream is lovely and looks natural whilst still giving that bit of coverage and evening out your skin. I didn't expect it to last as well as it does with it being so light coverage but even after a day at work it still stays in place. I haven't tried the other formulas but the normal/dry leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. The fact that it includes SPF 15 is another bonus for these warm weeks.

No7 really have converted me and I now love this BB Cream, so much so that all my other foundations have been put away until the weather changes. With the BB Cream I have all I need for my Summer look. At £12.95 they aren't the cheapest around but they do class as a skincare product within the No7 range so when the vouchers are out, you can get £5 off. With my discount I picked it up for about a fiver, but I'd be happy to pay more as it is worth every penny. You only need to use a tiny bit so it won't run out after a couple of weeks.

Have you tried any No7 foundations or have you been reaching for the BB Creams in the warm weather too?

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  1. This looks really lovely, I was tempted to swatch the tester when in Boots yesterday but it had run out xx