Friday, 26 July 2013

Seventeen Backlash Mascara and Eye Liner

I am a sucker for new products and freebies, I really didn't need a new mascara, but when I spotted the new Seventeen Back Lash mascara with a free gel eyeliner and £1 off I couldn't resist. I love Seventeen products and their Falsifeye mascara is one of my favourites so I was expecting great things.
The brush on the mascara is one of those really fat soft bristled brushes, not my favourite sort but it does get right in between your lashes to give really amazing definition. Back Lash claims to give over 100% greater lash impact with definition, volume, length and lift. I didn't find it gave as much volume as the Falsifeye, but it really does lengthen and define the lashes with out any clumps. Maybe not a night out mascara for me as I like more volume, but a perfect day to day one for amazing long defined lashes.
The big surprise for me though was the free gel eye liner. Now I am not a massive fan of gel eye liners, I love my Collection liquid liner and don't really use anything else. I gave the Back Lash eye liner a go though and I love it! I have tried gel ones before and found them hard to work with and they didn't last as well as liquid. This one though is more like a mousse than a gel which makes it much easier to use. I found it went on much smoother and with a neater line than other gel liners. I did find it hard to get a thin line but that should come with practise. I also love how with a smaller amount you can get a smudged look and less of a heavy black line. For a freebie, this is lovely and I can see myself getting plenty of use out of it as it seems more versatile than my Collection Liquid liner.

The Seventeen Back Lash mascara is £5.49 at the moment in Boots with the Back Lash liner free. Have you tried it yet?

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