Saturday, 2 February 2013

MUA Sale Haul

Just a quick post today to show a few of the bargains I picked up during MUA's 50% off sale to celebrate reaching 50,000 likes on facebook. This meant things like lipsticks and nail polishes were only 50p so I took the opportunity to pick up some things I might not normally have tried just to experiment a little and I am glad I did! This whole lot cost me less than £20 which is amazing! I managed to grab the rest of the colours I needed in the fur and constellation nail effects but I won't mention those as I have already blogged about them.
I have seen a few posts about fixing sprays and there was a big hype in Boots when Collection 2000 released theirs, but I have never tried one and to be honest I'm still not convinced. I used this before I went to work yesterday and I'm not sure it made a difference, but I do think it makes your skin look brighter. I don't really have oily skin though so perhaps I don't really need it as my make-up does tend to stay quite well through the day. 
These little beauties cost me 50p (usually £1) each so I thought I'd go for a few different colours and I picked l-r shades 14, 5, 7. 14 is a lovely matte pale nude shade, 5 is a gorgeous shimmery pink and 7 is a more reddish pink with a bit of sparkle. I am really impressed with these for the price as they stay on really well and give a gorgeous colour. They also have a small pot of gloss in the bottom, an added bonus which work really well on their own or over the lipstick for a bit of extra shine.

l-r 14, 5, 7. I have been wearing a 7 with a bit of the gloss from 5 over the top to tone down the colour a little and I love the effect you get from mixing them. I might have to have a trip to Superdrug to pick up a few more of these as the price means you can try out loads of new looks.
As part of a promotion a while ago, I got one of these glosses in a bright red shade and loved it so thought I would get another for 50p! They are gorgeous sheer glosses which give just a hint of colour and smell amazing. 
 I also picked up a gel eyeliner as I have been wanting to try one for a while but held off as I am useless at doing eyeliner with a brush. I am impressed with this though, you can use a little to get a smoky subtle effect or use it to create a deeper black line. I love the colour you get though and I might have to try the glittery grey shade which I was tempted to get as well. 

I also picked up a couple of blushers and a lovely gold shimmery bronzer for 50p each. I chose shades 3 and 4 in the blushers, 3 is a nice natural pink, whereas 4 is a little more peachy. They both blend really well though and I like the colours better than the No7 blusher I have been using which can be a little bright.

The bronzer gives a subtle colour without making you look orange. I don't usually use bronzer but I really like this one for just a little bit of colour.
Finally I got Kissproof lip stain in Fabulicious. I love lip stains and already have a few colours but this one caught my eye as it's a very natural pink. I like natural colours like this for when I'm at work and this one lasted really well.
All in all I am impressed with the quality of the products to say they are so cheap and I would definitely recommend MUA. My favourite things have to be the lipsticks though, the colours are gorgeous and I love the gloss on the bottom. 

Did anyone else pick up stuff from the MUA sale? 

I'd love to see what other people bought!

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