Saturday, 22 June 2013

Essie Spring Collection Mini Cube

I'm not usually Essie's biggest fan, as they are just too expensive for me. I do own a couple and haven't been too impressed with the quality either. If they were amazing then I could maybe have justified the price but I can't say that they were. I decided to give them another go though, when I saw them on the Buyapower website. I like the idea of putting four shades from each collection into a mini cube so you can try out small versions of the new shades, and if you are like myself and have a small nail polish obsession, then a small bottle is better as I never use a full one.
The Spring 2013 collection mini cube contains four lovely pastel shades, Avenue Maintain, a bright sky blue, Madison Ave-Hue, a pink with silver shimmer, Bond With Whomever, a lilac and Go Ginza, a very pale lilac with a pink tone. I love pastel shades so the Spring collections tend to be my favourites and this one has some lovely shades. I really like that they have included a shimmery shade as well as normal colours, just to mix it up a little.
I wanted to try as many colours as I could so I went for a bit of a mimed up design. I used Bond With Whomever with Avenue Maintain for the accent nails and Go Ginza for the dots. These colours go together really well and I love the shades. I wasn't too keen on Go Ginza to start with but it does look lovely against the blue. 
I think I may have been converted to Essie a little more with this cube and I would definitely consider buying more of the mini cubes rather than the full size polishes as you get more for your money. I ended up paying £8.95 for the cube which is a bargain when you think a full size single polish is £7.99. I did find that these lasted really well too and didn't start to chip for 3-4 days. 

Have you tried the mini cubes from Essie? I think more brands should go for mini polishes, I do feel like I waste a lot by only using most polishes a couple of times.

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  1. I haven't tried the mini cube but I've wanted to! I agree that the smaller bottles are perfect for when you want to test out a color!
    xx Amber