Monday, 10 June 2013

NOTD: More Barry M Gellys

If you read my posts regularly you might have noticed that I have a slight obsession with the Barry M Gelly collection at the moment. I am totally in love with them and own pretty much every shade going. I bought the entire Spring collection as soon as it came out and adore those colours, particularly Papaya which is fast becoming my favourite shade for Summer, its an adorable coral colour. That being said the Summer collection didn't excite me as much and I surprisingly didn't want all of the shades. I did like the look of a couple though, so when I saw them in my local Superdrug on 3 for 2 I had to get some. 
I loved the look of Guava and fancied a change as I don't own many red shades (I'm a purple and coral kinda girl) so Passion Fruit caught my eye. I wasn't massively keen on Mango but I had seen some nice swatches online so got this as my freebie. 
I absolutely love Guava, it is a perfect summery shade as its so bright. I don't usually go for blue shades but this is amazing. I have been so impressed with the newer Gelly shades, they give perfect coverage and the colours are so strong. This colour actually lasted about 3 days which is a long time for me. This is only two coats and they dry really quickly.
I decided to give a bright gradient a go with Mango and Passion Fruit. I thought this might be a nice summery effect but to be honest although I like both colours I'm not too keen on them together. Mango is a really bright, strong orange and Passion Fruit is a deep red with a hint of coral. This again lasted longer than usual and the Gellys are the perfect consistency for gradients as they cover well even when being sponged on.

At £3.99 a go I can't resist these polishes and they are by far my favourite range for quality. I'm actually considering doing a "top 5" of my picks for drugstore nail polishes under £5 and these are my first choice for the top spot. If you haven't tried the Gellys then why not? They are seriously impressive and I hope Barry M continue to bring out more shades as I will happily keep on buying!

Have you tried any of the new Gellys? I'd love to see some ideas for nail art with them!


  1. I have Papaya and I love it. I also have Watermelon.

  2. szépségblog Pöty cica11 June 2013 at 15:53


    beautiful blue lacquer wow <3

    I really like the orange-red compilation :)

    Judit kiss

  3. GlitterandGloss11 June 2013 at 19:12

    I think Watermelon is one of the only ones I don't have. Papaya is gorgeous though :)

  4. GlitterandGloss11 June 2013 at 19:13

    I know its such a perfect bright blue for summer :)