Sunday, 9 June 2013

June Glossybox

I have really enjoyed the Glossyboxs I have had so far and haven't had one which made me think I had wasted my money. Last months was particularly good and I had ruined the surprise by checking reviews online before I got mine so this month I decided not too look. I had noticed a couple of negative comments on twitter but this hadn't put me off and I was excited to see my box had arrived. This all changed when I opened the box though. This has to be the worst box I have ever seen and makes me wonder whether the beauty profile you fill out actually has any effect on the samples you get as I said I had straight, fine hair on the profile, but for some reason have been sent hair samples designed for curly hair. What am I gonna do with that Glossybox? I also said I liked fruity scents rather than floral, yet got a rose scent not a cherry...anyway onto the pictures:
The theme of this months box is "Summer Looks", a fitting theme for the weather but I was expecting some make-up samples in summery shades but received all body/hair products, really disappointing and not really related to summer. Also, black lining in a summer themed box? Really? The total value of my box this month was about £31.00. 

The first product which caught my eye was the Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil (£34.00 for 100ml, 10ml included). This can be used anywhere as a hydrating oil or to add a little shimmer. I can't really see myself using this as I'm not really a fan of glitter on my body or face other than eye shadow, but it does smell and feel really nice and makes your skin feel really soft and only a little shimmery so I might find a use for it. I wouldn't pay so much for the full size thing though!
The second product included is the Monu Hydrating Moisturiser (£29.95 for 50ml, 30ml included). I do like a good moisturiser with SPF so wasn't too disappointed with this one. It is really hydrating and left my skin feeling amazing so I can't fault it for that but it doesn't smell fantastic. 
Figs & Rouge Lip Balm in Coco Rose (full size £5). I have heard a lot about this brand and the lip balms but haven't had chance to try one myself yet. I was a little disappointed to find the rose scent as I have mentioned before I am not a fan of rose but would have liked the cherry one! I do like that this is completely natural and as a lip balm works well but the you can feel the shimmer in it on your lips which isn't nice. It does leave your lips soft but the balm feels rough on your lips which is strange and has put me off it to be honest. 
Next up the big disappointment, Paul Mitchell Curl Duo- Leave-In Treatment and Beachy Texture Cream-Gel (Leave-in treatment full size 200ml, £14.95, 15ml included and Texture cream-gel full size 150ml, £11.95, 15ml included). I don't understand why I would have been sent this when I stated on the beauty profile that I have fine, straight hair. My hair won't curl without curlers so these are of no use to me. They might be lovely for someone that has wavy hair but just aren't suitable for my hair. Well done Glossybox. 
Finally, Q Body Spray (full size £2.29). This is quite nice and smells very florally, which I'm not usually too keen on. This is probably the only product in the box which will get used up, other than the moisturiser, which is a shame. 
I am really disappointed with this months box and if it hadn't been my free box from redeeming my Glossydots, I think I would be tempted to cancel my subscription. I have loved every other box so far which makes me think this may be a one off but I'm really surprised how poor this box is. I don't mind a few body products but really just want the make-up so this really let the box down for me. Hopefully next months box will make up for this one or I might consider making that my last! I think its a shame the majority of the box value came from the moisturiser and the other samples were relatively cheap boring bits.

Did you get a Glossybox this month? Was yours as rubbish as mine, or would you have liked this one?


  1. Well, thank goodness I cancelled mine last month lol

    I think the only thing I would use out of that is the moisturiser. Shame because I liked the tough sturdy boxes, but I have so many bits I'm just never going to use.

  2. What a shame! Mine was probably my favourite box so far (had about 6) I got the cherry lipbalm which I love, a mascara, nail polish, conditioner and hand cream

  3. GlitterandGloss9 June 2013 at 21:58

    Yeh, this is the first one I've had which has made me consider cancelling, but I'm gonna see what next months is like before I do cancel, I've loved all the others so far

  4. GlitterandGloss9 June 2013 at 21:59

    I know, I've seen some much better ones around, I guess it is the luck of the draw and your bound to get one that doesn't suit you every now and again, I'm most disappointed there wasn't any make-up or nail products in mine tbh.