Saturday, 1 June 2013

NOTD: Claire's Accessories Leather Effect Polish

I posted the other day here about my bargain haul of £1 nail polishes from Claire's Accessories. I couldn't resist picking up a couple at such a bargain price and I was really impressed with the range of different effects they stocked.
These are the ones I managed to limit myself to buying, and the pink speckle is show on the post linked above. I love how similar it is to Nails Inc's Sprinkle effect and I'm hoping the blue will be as good.
I have to say the leather effects were the ones I was most excited to try, and couldn't actually believe that they stocked. them I never really took much notice of Claire's before and didn't realise they had such an amazing nail polish range. I mean, leather effects for £1? Seriously? I hadn't wanted to splash out £12 on a Nails Inc Leather Polish but I have been seriously lusting after Shoreditch Lane, so the burgundy leather had to be mine!
Just for a little comparison: left- Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects, right- Nails Inc Shoreditch Lane (Picture with permission of Charlotte from soyoubeauty).
Although the Claire's polish is a little lighter and slightly more textured, for a difference of £11 I am so impressed with this polish! I do think these are very similar in texture to the Seventeen Rock Hard polishes which I also loved. I did actually get asked by one of my friends if I was wearing the Nails Inc one though, so they are close enough for me! 
I love that these polishes were only £1 and I'll  be watching out for new offers or effects that Claire's might stock in the future as I would still have happily paid £4 for this one! I got a good three days wear out of this with only the tiniest amount of chipping on the tips, so they really are good value for money and if like me you aren't happy to pay out over a tenner for a single polish, then I'd give these a go!

Did any of you manage to grab a few £1 polishes? I'm so glad I did!

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