Saturday, 15 June 2013

FashionistA Customisable Palette From MUA

I'm sure most of you will have seen that MUA are now stocking FashionistA products, which to be honest are a brand I'd never taken any notice of. I do love MUA for their amazing quality bargain products and when they announced they would be bringing over 200 new products to their website I was pretty excited to see what they would be offering, expecting some new MUA products. I was a little disappointed to see it was a different brand and the concept of a two-brand website is a little confusing to me, I can't see it working as the MUA products are cheaper, but I did like the idea of a customisable palette. At the moment, you can either choose a 4 pan palette and fill it for £7, or a 6 pan for £10 which seemed a bargain to me so I went for that one
I really like the idea of being able to choose the shades you want as no matter which palettes I seem to but there are always shades which I don't use so picking my own seems perfect. I also liked the idea of having one palette with everything I needed in it, so it would be good for when I am away. With that in mind I decided to fill my 6 pan palette with 3 eye shadows, 2 blushers and a bronzer. I have to say though, I have never been a fan of online make-up shopping as the shades are never quite what they seem so i would recommend having a nosy at the shades you like in Superdrug before you order as a couple of mine weren't quite what I expected from the pictures. 
My delivery arrived quickly and in perfect condition, and I couldn't wait to open it up and test it out. The pans come in little black cases so you don't have to have to have a palette you can just use them as they are or switch up different shades if you get bored. They very easily pop out of the packaging and click into place in the palette. Within a couple of minutes my beautiful, unique palette was complete.
When you pop the pans out the shade names are on the back so you can always see which you are using which is a nice touch. I was also expecting quite small pans and I was surprised to find they are a really decent size for the price.

Eye Shadows.                                                  Blushers and bronzer
           l-r Double take eye shadow in Radiant                                     Blush in Juicy Apricot and London                    
Mono eye shadow in Auburn Glow and Bronze                Custom design bronzer in Dubai
First up the eye shadows, I went for shimmery bronze and nude shades as those are the colours I tend to use the most. I really love Radiant and Bronze, although I was a little disappointed with the colour pay off with Auburn Glow. There are some lovely shades though and I am considering getting another with some darker shades for a night out smoky eye look. I would definitely check out the shades first though. This is due to the bronzer actually, I liked the look of Dubai on the site but it is far too dark in really life.
The blushers in this range are gorgeous and I love the two I have chosen, although I did expect Juicy Apricot to be a little peacher rather than pink, so again check out the shades first! London is gorgeous though!
I love the colour of Dubai although I think I will use it as an eye shadow as it is too dark as a bronzer but check out the colour pay off from one little sweep of my finger! 

I am pretty impressed with these palettes for the price and I'm considering getting another whilst the offer is still on. £10 for 6 large shades is a bargain and I would recommend giving them a go. I haven't been tempted by any of the other FashionistA products but I can see these being a success. The palettes are available from the MUA website and are currently on offer with a free lip plumping gloss and nail polish if you spend over £15. 

Have you tried any of the FashionistA products yet? Do you like the idea of a custom palette? I reckon MUA should do their own, I'd be buying those!


  1. You made a great pallet here hun :) I'm going to order myself one later today. So glad they're doing this now as I actually love pallets, I like having everything in the one place! Plus the prices of these are great. Xox

  2. szépségblog Pöty cica15 June 2013 at 14:00

    love it!

    beautiful colors!