Saturday, 20 April 2013

Invogue Feathers Jaye Bird

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the amazing Nails Inc Feather dupes I had managed to find from Invogue for £3.49 (read the post here). I love the first shade I tried (Parakeet) and had been looking for a nice shade to use with Jaye Bird. After trying Sinful Colors Island Coral the other day I though this make a perfect contrasting base to the blue and white strands in Jaye Bird.
 How gorgeous is this? Its a perfect summery mix of colours and I love the effect the feather polishes give. I only used one coat of Jaye Bird here as I wanted the coral to show through, but even one coat gives really good coverage with the strands. You do need to file down the ends and add a top coat though, as the strands can be quite sharp if they stick over the nail edge (as I found by managing to scratch my face with a sharp bit!).
I'm really tempted to pick up the other two shades in the range as the two I have are so pretty! I have also spotted the Invogue range on Fragrance Direct for £2.50 a time! Bargain! I'm also going to hunt around my collection for some more colours which would go well with my feather polishes, I really love the effect and want to try out some more summery coloured polishes.
Has anyone else tried these? I haven't seen them featured in many posts, but I can see them being a big hit when more people get their hands on them!

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  1. I really love the colours, very summery xx