Sunday, 14 April 2013

Simple Nail Art 7: Nail Art Pens (Barry M & Sharpie Markers)

I love detailed nail art. I wish I could draw freehand some of the amazing designs I have seen on other peoples nails! I can't though, I don't have a steady hand and always manage to make a mess. I can't control nail art brushes well enough to get detailed lines or patterns.
I have never understood why as I used to love art and graphic design when I was at college. If any of you did graphic design you know how detailed and precise some of the drawings need to be. But when it comes to nails something goes wrong. I guess the point of this rambling is to tell you all that I have found something which can make it so much easier!

Most people probably have nail art pens. I've got a couple of Models Own ones and to be honest I've never got on with them. The striper is fine, but for some reason I didn't like the pen. This week I invested in a couple of new ones - Barry M's Nail Art Pens. Now these are something new. The nib is like that of a marker pen which means you can create neat thin lines and also fill in larger areas easily. These are amazing! I still need practise and my left hand looks like a two year old drew on it, but I am really impressed with what I have managed to do with them. At £4.99 a go (3-for-2 at Superdrug) these are really worth the investment if like me you struggle with detailed nail art.
After reading a post on MakeupSavvy I also picked up the Metallic Sharpie Markers (£4.57 for three on ebay here). Fee showed how easily these can be used to create intricate designs and after trying them myself I agree. The nibs are very similar to the Barry M Nail Art Pens and are very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend these and there are so many colours available. The metallic ones are gorgeous colours!
I decided to try out a design I have been wanting to do for a while - Aztec Print. If you google aztec nails there are so many different amazing designs to do for inspiration. I found a couple I liked and took different patterns from these to include in my design. I won't do a how too as these are pretty self explanatory, but you can just go mad and try whatever patterns you like. I kept mine pretty simple with Barry M Prickly Pear as a base and started with gold and silver stripes using the Sharpie Markers, then adding details with the black and white Barry M Pens. Finish the design with a top coat once the whole thing is dry and there you go- simple Aztec print nails. 
I love this kind of design and I'll be trying out some different versions to get some practise with using the pens. Its not perfect but I don't think its bad for a first attempt though! I really love the Barry M pens, they were so easy to use!

Will you be trying out the markers or nail art pens? They really are so easy to use! Leave me a link below if you do try them!

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