Monday, 22 April 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation

This is a product I have been trying for about a week now. I held off posting about it after a couple of uses as my first impressions weren't great, and I'm glad I did as my opinion has really changed! The Undress Your Skin foundations claims to:

"cover imperfections and blemishes whilst maintaining your skins natural glow with light-diffusing particles of shimmer that creates instant radiance"

Now as much as this review will be a positive one, I can't completely agree with the description. I expected a light, moisturising foundation with a little shimmer the likes of Rimmel's Wake Me Up. What you actually get is a medium/full matte finish. I have since realised this is the description given on the website, I picked it up without reading that and expected something different. I can't agree with the shimmer aspect though, it really is a matte foundation. I do really like this but it is a little thick for me as I do prefer light foundations and generally am not a fan of matte finishes which cling to dry skin. 

Anyway, I did say I really like it and I do! It does go on a little thick and initially I didn't like the look of it, but I found the best way to use it is to apply as normal and let it settle for a couple of minutes. I'm not sure why but this really makes all the difference for me as it somehow goes from a caked on look to a more natural, even matte finish. I have had loads of compliments for the look of my skin since wearing this and I have to agree, it does give a really gorgeous looking smooth base whilst being thick enough to cover blemishes and my horrible dark circles. This is the biggie for me, it really does brighten my dark circles! You do have to be a little careful with dry patches, this will cling, but leaving it to settle for a few minutes after applying and setting it with powder does seem to make it a little less obvious. 

 Left: wearing only foundation, Right: with powder and blusher.

Just a quick mention of the shade range, it is a little disappointing. I went for the middle of the three shades, beige, which I would usually expect to be fine for my skin but it is a little pale (I can only just get away with it which is fine whilst the weather isn't so nice, but I tan easily so I imagine this will be too pale in the coming months) so I am tempted to try the darker shade. Perfect for you paler beauties, but I am by no means dark skinned so anyone much more tan than me, there may not be a shade dark enough. 
I have mentioned a couple of negatives for this foundation, but on the whole I am impressed. I can apply this early morning and be working all day/running around as normal and it will still look perfect when  come home late at night. 
I managed to pick this up during the introductory offer for £3, but it usually sells for £5 which I still think is a reasonable price and I would repurchase, although perhaps in the darker shade! Don't be put off by the swatches on the website, beige is pale!

Have you tried this foundation? Would you try it? Despite it being a fuller coverage than I am used to I am really liking this one for those days where your skin just won't behave!

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