Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Nail Polish Storage

I've seen a few posts recently about how bloggers store their make-up or nail polishes. I'm really nosy so I love reading these and use them as inspiration for my own storage. I love my current set-up for my nail polishes, they were just stuck in old boxes before, but now I have something proper for them all it makes things so much easier for me to find what I want, so I thought I would share as it was suuuuuper cheap and works really well if you have loads of polishes like me (I was going to count them but I daren't, its getting ridiculous now!)
These drawers hold all my nail polishes and extra bits and bobs. They aren't the most attractive things ever but I'm looking for some nice wallpaper or something to slot in the front of them to make them look a little nicer. A set of 4 drawers was £5 from ASDA and I have two sets (the last two drawers I haven't needed....yet!). They sit between my bed, where I sit to do my nails and my wardrobe. 
The first draw holds my glitters, glitter top coats and magnetic polishes, including a loads of Barry M. I love Barry M, they are so cheap and fantastic quality. I did start trying to swatch the colours on the lids but I have too many polishes and got bored!
The second draw holds most of my basic colours, including all my Barry M plain colours and Gellys. I did start off with these being really organised but as I've acquired more they just kind of go wherever they will fit!
The third draw has all the polishes too big for the height of the draw (Sally Hansen and No7) and some more random polishes like my MUA £1 bargains!
The fourth has my caviar beads and quick dry spray (link here). This is amazing! Honestly if you haven't tried it then do! There is a random mix of bits that wouldn't fit in the other drawers and recent purchases which I need to use!
Draw five has my extra bits and bobs, nail fluff, nail art pens, dotting tools, Revlon Moon Candy, nail files, stamping tools and other random bits to stick and draw on.
The final draw (I wonder if anyone actually made it this far...) has striping tape, nail brushes, false nails and bits of studs and things. Anything that wouldn't fit anywhere else.
The top of the drawers is also quite useful for bits I need (my dissertation book, I'd probably survive it better if I put as much time into it as I do blogging!) and my lovely glittery iphone holder I got from ebay for about £4 (here)

So there we go, my lovely little (if a bit full now) nail polish drawers. They have made things so much easier for me as I know where everything is and it is all within reach. I just need to find some wallpaper I like to make them look prettier and it will be perfect. If you'd like a post on my nail polish collection let me know, I know it isn't really clear on the pictures what they all are. I'm going to stop rambling now as my Glossybox just arrived and I can't wait to open it!!
Let me know if you like this idea, or link me up some posts of your storage, I love being nosy!


  1. Hehe! I see some polishes with my handwriting on them!

  2. GlitterandGloss30 April 2013 at 14:49

    haha yes! I actually have Purple Ash on at the moment, I hadn't got round to trying it but its really nice!