Sunday, 7 April 2013

Invogue Neons: All That Jazz

I posted a few days ago here about my love for the Nails Inc Feather dupes from Invogue. Whilst debating which of those shades to buy, I also noticed the neon shades and fell in love with All That Jazz. I had wondered whether to pick up some of the new neon Models Own shades when I got the Fruit Pastels, although neon has never really been my thing, and none of the colours screamed out to me. But this one did! 
This colour is perfect, a gorgeous pinky purple which dries into an almost matte, jellyish finish. Its had to describe, it really is like nothing I've used before, but I suppose it is similar to the Models Own ones. They are also a bargain at £3.49, with two other shades available, Firecracker, neon coraly orange (this looks lovely too and I might be tempted by this one), and Green Light, neon green.
All That Jazz is a little sheer and I went for 3 coats, but wow is it bright, I couldn't get a picture which does it justice. I really love this shade, it is such a unique colour and dries to such a beautiful finish. Like the Feather polishes, the neon is also amazingly quick drying so you don't have to wait to apply a second coat. As much as I loved the matte finish I couldn't resist trying it with a top coat, and my gosh is it gorgeous! I may have only just discovered Invogue but they are fast becoming a favourite and I can't wait to see what else they have to offer! If you haven't tried any of their polishes then do!

What do you think? Do you love this shade as much as me? 

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  1. ooh now that is a lovely colour xx