Monday, 11 March 2013

L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash

I haven't seen many reviews of these yet, although they seem to be appearing on many wishlists, so I thought I would get my thoughts out there! I only noticed these a few days ago and had to try them! I'm not a massive lipstick fan, so something that gives me the colour without drying my lips out is always a winner for me and these do not disappoint!
There has been a little confusion over the name of the stain, so I have gone with what is advertised on the L'Oreal stand in my Boots, Stain Splash. L'Oreal describe it as a stain which acts like a gloss and stays put for up to six hours without drying your lips! There are currently six shades available but I chose Romy, a gorgeous natural pinky "my lips but better" shade.

I love the doe-foot applicators which seem to be appearing in more and more products lately. They just seem to make it easy to get a perfect coverage in one sweep, with this one being no different.
When you first apply, the stain feels like a normal gloss. As it settles onto your lips it does change and goes a little tacky (this is all I can think to describe the feeling as I have never had anything like it, but it isn't sticky). I think this is what makes it really stay put, and stay put it does! I applied as I normally would onto bare lips...

I think I should have gone for a darker shade to test the wear, as it isn't really obvious I'm wearing it, but too late for that, and I love this shade! As you can see after 2 hours and having lunch it was still going strong and still glossy. After 4 hours and another cup of coffee, the gloss has gone but there is still a little colour left. No clinging to any dry patches either! I am in love!

Finally, just a quick mention of the packaging as I really love it. I think they look stunning and far more high-end than they actually are! They also have a lovely watermelon scent, although this disappears once applied. L'Oreal Stain Splash is available here for £7.99.

Has anyone else tried these? Are you loving them as much as I am? I might have to pick another colour once my spending ban is over as this was a naughty purchase I shouldn't have made!


  1. I love the applicator wand on these, though I am yet to find a colour that I really want, there is one I 'like' but not enough to buy it... yet :) xx

  2. GlitterandGloss11 March 2013 at 15:44

    Yeh, the colour range isn't great, but I love this one and Juliet looks nice too. I did try the nude Lolita, that's not too bad. I hope they'll bring out more, some darker shades might be nice as they are quite sheer x