Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Simple Nail Art 4: Pastel Gradient

Today's NOTD is something a bit different. I have been loving pastel nails recently and have been looking for inspiration for a new way to use pastel polishes. I decided to go for a gradient today, with a little rainbow twist. I was driving down the motorway the other day after all the snow and the car to the side of me was kicking up spray. As it went past I noticed as the sun shone on the spray it made a little rainbow. It looked so pretty I decided to use it as inspiration today. 

I used the new Models Own Fruit Pastel polishes for the gradient, so as well as looking really pretty, my nails smell amazing too! I used Barry M Gelly in Lychee for the base, although a paler colour or white may have been better. 
I first painted a base coat of Lychee and let it dry.
Then sponge on the palest colour, leaving a corner of your nail free (I used Strawberry Tart). I didn't take a pic as this colour wasn't very obvious.
When the first colour is dry sponge a little of the second colour onto the top third of your nail (I used Grape Juice). 
For the darkest colour, sponge a little onto the top corner of your nail (I used Blueberry Muffin).
If the gradient looks uneven you can use the smallest amount of colour sponged over the top to blend it all in. Finish it off with a top coat and clean up the edges.
The colours in this are stronger in real life! I couldn't get a picture which captured the colours properly!

I love this look and the Models Own Fruit Pastels look gorgeous together. I usually just go for normal gradients, graduating down the nail but I like the different effect you get from the pastel gradient by fading it diagonally. They also smell amazing mixed together!

Would you try this? I can't wait for the weather to pick up so my nails can match the weather!

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  1. They are all lovely colours xx

  2. Pretty! I really want some of these polishes, they look gorgeous and I can't believe they smell good too!! x

  3. GlitterandGloss28 March 2013 at 08:20

    They're lovely, the pics really don't do it justice! x