Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Simple Nail Art 2: Toothbrush Splodges

This is the second in my series of Simple Nail Art ideas. Today I am using something I saw on The Nailasaurus, one of my favourite blogs for nail inspiration. She used a toothbrush to create a splodge style pattern, which I really like. I won't be doing a "how to" for this one as it isn't my idea and I don't like to copy, but this is the original post, which shows you how to do it.

Apologies for the poor light on the photos but I wanted to take pictures of this before I took it off and did it in the evening. I used my old favourite, Barry M Gelly polishes for this one. L-R Prickly Pear (base colour), Blueberry, Greenberry, Grapefruit and Papaya.

I like the effect you get although mine definitely don't look as good as the original, maybe the colours I used were too bright. I also think the type of toothbrush can affect the design as mine didn't have much space between bristles and they were quite soft, so you don't get the defined edges like on The Nailasaurus' version. Not as good as I hoped it would turn out, but there you go- I did say I wasn't an expert!

What do you all think? Would you give this a go? I'll probably try it again, but with different colours and a better brush.

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