Thursday, 14 March 2013

Make-Up Free March: Week 2

The second week of March is nearly over, and the second week of my spending ban. Only two more weeks to go! Things are going better this week than last, so overall I am pretty happy. This week has been an expensive one as my car has been for its MOT and luckily passed, but it also needs insuring and taxing, so my spending ban has come at a good time!

I only treated myself to one thing on pay day  which I debated over whether or not to get and decided I deserved (another) treat. That lovely little item was my L'Oreal Stain Splash in Romy. I am really glad I got it, even if I shouldn't have. 

There are a couple of things still tempting me but I have managed not to buy them, and I have had a few repurchases of empties, which is allowed, although I did really well with that too as I needed to replace my day-to-day blusher which is almost gone, and instead of buying another No7 one I went for a Rimmel one instead which was half the price!

I'm hoping I can curb my beauty spending a little bit now as I can see the day I move out getting closer and closer. The boyfriend will have cleared his overdraft in a couple of months and as long as I have a full time job by then (fingers crossed) we can get into our own place. I really need to get myself sorted now so that it won't be an issue when moving time comes.

Total beauty spends this week: £7.99 (about £7 with discount).

I am lusting after: I still want the Models Own Fruit Pastel polishes. I have also been tempted by the new Revlon Lip Butters and this gorgeous nail polish!

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  1. This looks lovely and good luck with your spending ban xx