Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Another Midweek Haul

So, it would seem I can't even survive one day off work without having to go out and do something to stop me getting bored. Today that involved a trip to the White Rose centre, so I thought I'd show you what I bought...again!
The first stop for me always has to be New Look, I am loving their stuff at the moment, so much of it is similar to Topshop but half the price and better quality. They have 25% off jeans at the moment so I had to pick up a pair and have been eyeing these up for ages. They also had them in 34" length which I usually struggle to find (I'm 5'8) so I took it as a sign to buy them! (Pulled the pics from the website as its pretty dull today and my pictures were rubbish!)
I am currently living in plan/striped long sleeve tops as they are nice and warm and go with anything so picked up another colour, there seems to be a theme here, loving burgundy at the moment!
I finally gave in and bought the bag I have been wanting for ages, I really wanted the Topshop version but it was £40 and having just bought a Marc B bag, didn't want to pay that much so settled for the Primark £12 copy. This will be perfect for chucking in everything I need when I am working.
I then made the mistake of going into Superdrug. To be honest, I intended to treat myself to a few new bits as I am taking part in a spending ban on make-up and beauty products throughout March and this was my last chance to shop before March begins! 
After reading lots of good reviews I thought I needed to try the new Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation, on offer for £6.99 (usually £8.99). I don't like using heavy foundations and don't really have any problems with my skin so this seemed perfect for me. I went for shade 150 Nude so I'm hoping it will be a good match.
I have been wanting to try the new range of moisturisers from Garnier which contain different ingredients designed to tackle different skin problems. I debated getting the dry skin one but in the end thought I'd go for the Wake Me Up formula for dull skin. I am hoping this will be really good to use on a morning to brighten my skin up and set a good base for my make-up. £3.99 at the moment (usually £5.99).
I have been suffering with chapped lips all Winter so have been trying all sorts of lip balms  and as Palmer's is one of my favourites, I had to try the new formula - Dark Chocolate and Cherry. It is gorgeous!! It has a slight red tint to it which looks lovely on and for £1.99 you can't go wrong.
Finally, I wanted to treat myself to a few new make-up bits. In the end after deciding I really don't need or want any new nail polishes, I chose some more lipsticks from MUA. I really liked the three shades I got in my 50% off haul so chose a few different colours. These are shades 2, 6 and 11. I'm particularly liking shade 2!
So there we go, my last haul before Make-Up Free March. I'm really not looking forward to this now, I wish I'd never said I'd do it, but hopefully it will save me some money to go towards a deposit for when I move out. What have you all been buying this week, I love reading haul posts.

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  1. galorious.blogspot.com26 February 2013 at 15:57

    deffo need to go to new look soon! and i love cocoa butter, especially the smell of it :D