Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Night Ramblings

It feels weird to say but I am actually really glad I started this blog now, and although I am really surprised I already have a few lovely followers, I am really glad people have taken the time to read my ramblings. I guess I thought maybe I should add a little more about me now :)

I have seen loads of 10/25/even 100! facts about me posts recently so here are a few about me:

1. I have a degree in Psychology and (almost) a Masters in Occupational Psychology, although I have no idea what I want to do with them, but I find it interesting and like learning new things.
2. I am from Yorkshire and love my Yorkshire accent.
3. I lived in Manchester for three years and it was amazing. I need to go back.
4. I have two jobs, one I enjoy, one I would have walked out of ages ago if I didn't work with one of my best friends.
5. I bought my little Clio two years ago and although he is a little battered he is the best thing I have ever bought.
6. I joined Slimming World after I finished uni as I'd put on a stone and a half. I lost a stone in two months and it was honestly the easiest diet ever. I would recommend it to everyone.
7. I love everything purple.
8. I am addicted to Marc B bags, they are gorgeous. If you haven't heard of them go look :)
9. I love to read. I don't really mind what I just like reading something different. I bought a Kobo and it goes everywhere with me.
10. I don't really like red meat but could live off chicken. And chinese :)

I'm a little stuck now, I don't like to talk about myself, but that's a little insight for you anyway. 

I realised today we are already almost half way through February, and that's a little scary, it's gone so quick! I have big plans for this year so I was thinking of what I need to do for the next few months to make it all happen:

1. Finish collecting data for my dissertation. Trying to find time to do this while working and seeing my boyfriend and friends is not easy, but I really need to get this done soon so I can move on.
2. Go back to eating healthier. I had got into some really good habits while on Slimming World, but gave up on it and have gone back to eating rubbish (too many chinese takeaways and milky ways, I could literally live off these). I've been inspired by one of my lovely colleagues who has done amazingly well and lost loads of weight, to attempt to go back to my good habits. I want to loose those last few pounds that never went the first time.
3. Stop spending so much money on things I really don't need. I always come home from Boots with a bag of stuff. I do not need any more nail polishes! So March is going to be a Make-Up Free month for me. I don't mean I will go out looking like a ghost with two black eyes :/ I mean I won't be buying any new make-up for the whole of March! This is scaring me already but I think it will do me good. Luckily, the sales plan at Boots changes next week which means I can get my hands on all the lovely new make-up before March hits!

I'm hoping that by writing these down I will actually attempt to do something about them. 

What about the rest of you? All my new years resolutions are long broken, but are you giving anything up for lent? Anyone fancy joining me for Make-Up Free March?

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