Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mini Boots Haul

Just another normal day at work for me, although my purse is a lot lighter! This was my first trip to Boots after sales-plan day, where all the offers change and the new products are available. I had a few things I needed but ended up spending more than I wanted to, as usual. So, here is what I bought:
No7 have a really good offer on at the moment, if you buy two cosmetic products you get a free Ballerina Beauty Bag worth £26. I needed some more foundation and always use No7 top coat on my nails so picked one of these up too. Inside the lovely bag you get a unique colour eyeshadow, a Moisture Drench lipstick in Mulberry, a sample size Extreme Length mascara and sample size Protect and Perfect Intense moisturiser.
Mulberry is a gorgeous deep pinky red, more pinky than the picture shows. It is a really popular colour and suits a lot of people. I don't usually go for such dark shades but this is really nice. I love the eyeshadow, its quite a pinky brown but really shimmery when wearing. I love the paler No7 shadows for highlighting parts of the eye and for a natural daytime look so this is perfect for me.

After reviewing the Seventeen Rock Hard Nail effects a few days ago hereI picked up the other colours I wanted, Blue and Grey as they were on buy one get one half price.
I also wanted to try Rimmel's new Lash Accelerator Mascara, which claims to make lashes look 60% longer and speed up lash growth. Anything which claims to make my lashes longer is worth a go, I'm not convinced it will work but I'm willing to try. £5.99 at the moment in Boots.
Finally, L'Oreal have got some more interesting nail polishes! The old ones are really dull and plain, but I love the new glittery ones. I am going to attempt something different with this which I will post about when I get round to it, but I love the black and white mix, I haven't seen any like this before. £4.99 and 3-for-2 in Boots.
There is my shopping for the day! Back to attempting to write essays!


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