Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentines Day Nails

I was hoping for some lovely Valentines inspired nails to show you today, but it all went a bit wrong. I thought I'd post it anyway as a kind of 'what not to do'. I didn't want to go all out with the love theme but thought I'd try and get into the spirit a bit anyway.

I have already posted about my love for the MUA Fur Effect nails, so thought I would attempt a bit of nail art with it to see how it would work. I used Barry M Gelly in Pomegranate and Fur Effect in Fuzzy Fluff (I love the names). I picked up the heart stencils (10 stickers for £1.99) from Superdrug. 
I painted my nails first, then did my thumb as normal with the fluff. I then put the stencils onto my ring fingers and painted over the hearts. It all went wrong when I dipped this into the fluff then tried to get the stencils off!  The fluff just came off with the stencil so I ended up trying to touch it up afterwards. On my right hand I tried to paint on a heart without the stencil, which worked better when I dipped it in the fluff, although I don't have the steadiest hand so it didn't look as good as I'd hoped.

It doesn't look too bad, and I actually quite liked it once I'd touched up and neatened it up. I will give nail art with the fluff another go but without stencils. What do you think? Has anyone else tried something different with the fluff?


  1. I need some of them stencils in my life.
    Kate @ sparkle dust on blogspot x

  2. I'm loving them, found some really good stencils on ebay a while back, but never managed to pick up any heart ones so I was really pleased to see these :) x