Thursday, 28 February 2013

Make-Up Free March!

So here we go, I said I would do it and I am going to! As I am wanting to move out, I need to stop spending so much money and start to save for all the lovely things I want to fill my new home with. Tomorrow is the First of March and so begins my month of  attempting to save money and use up some of the millions of products I have scattered around my room.

31 days of not buying any new make-up, nail polishes or other beauty products, other than anything I completely run out of and actually need. However, I have already paid for my Glossybox subscription, so will still be getting one of those, so it doesn't count!

I will try and do some weekly updates on whether I have managed to stick to it or not, and if not what tempted me to break it! I will also post about things I have used up, as I won't be having anything new to review :(. These lovely ladies listed here are taking part in an 100 day version of this, so I will be watching their blogs as inspiration!

Hopefully this will give me chance to use up some of the things I have forgotten about or never used and maybe even find some new favourites. 

Wish me luck!

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