Thursday, 21 February 2013

Barry M vs Nails Inc Denim Polish

After seeing lots of hype around the forthcoming Nails Inc Denim Effect polish, which won't be available for a good few months yet, I couldn't help thinking "Don't I already have one like that?...." Enter the Barry M denim polish fished out from the bottom of my "tried once then bought something new" nail polish drawer.
I decided to give it another go and see how the two compare.
Nails Inc's denim offering will come, similar to the Bling It On collections, in a set with some star studs for £19. Barry M's denim polish (number 325) has been around for a while now, and is a bargain for £2.99 (especially as we all know nail studs are readily available on ebay for very little if you are prepared to wait for them to ship from China). Mine are on the way so excuse their lack of presence in this post, I'll have some in around 2/3 weeks!
The denim polish from Barry M is gorgeous, a deep navy colour with a subtle light blue/silvery shimmer to give the denim effect. I know the Nails Inc are supposed to be textured, which the Barry M isn't but to be honest, there is enough textured polish around at the moment to not care if we give this one a miss. It dries to give a lovely semi-matte finish, so I avoided a top-coat in order to keep this effect. I did also try it with a matte top coat, but this took all the shimmer out of it!
The picture of the Nails Inc here isn't the best, but there don't seem to be many around yet as the polish hasn't yet been released, but you can see the similarity (not a perfect match but close enough!). I say save yourself £14, grab a Barry M denim and some stars from ebay and go for it yourself. What do you all think? Will you bother with the Nails Inc Denim, or go for the bargain Barry M? Do you even like the denim effect? I'm not convinced, I prefer the leather look!


  1. I like the Barry M in matte, not so keen in gloss. The Nails Inc polishes like this always seem just too expensive for me to bother with, though I guess they would make a nice gift

  2. I know its boring compared to the other effects around at the moment! I already had the Barry M just because it was a different colour but I won't be wasting my money on the Nails Inc version!

  3. I agree, the barry m is beautiful and sooo much better value! x

  4. Yeh, this is one polish I won't be tempted to spend £19 on! I love Barry M, they are really good value for money x

  5. Sarah Louise Poulter19 July 2013 at 08:33

    Maybe layering a coat or two of the Barry M over a textured polish in some other colour would make it more like the Nails Inc one. The Barry M has great opacity, so it might work.

    I've never bought from Nails Inc, just seems like a total rip off half the time. They add about a fiver on to the price for a few studs that you can get from ebay for 99p. (Or about £2 if you want to buy domestic) How do they get so much business? : )

    Love your blog by the way! x