Saturday, 2 February 2013

Models Own Mirrorball

Today was supposed to be a day of essay writing for me as I need to hurry up and finish my Masters assignments so I can start writing my dissertation but after about half an hour I got bored and decided to paint my nails. This is how I have spent the last year and a half as I have the attention span of a fish when it comes to doing work but never mind at least my nails look nice :)

Today I am going for my favourite glitter as I haven't been feeling glitters recently but I love this one. Models Own Mirrorball polishes are amazing! They come in five different colours containing a mixture of different size and shape chunks of glitter in different colours. I have Boogie Nights, a mix of purple, pink and blue, and  Freak Out! a mix of purple, blue and turquoise. I find they work best if you place the glitter rather than paint it on to get a better coverage.
I love the colour you get over Barry M Gelly in Blackberry (again! yes this is my favourite polish and may actually be the first one I use the entire bottle of!!)
The light isn't the best here but you can see the effect you get with the different colour glitter pieces.
They last really well without chipping but the only issue I do have is the amount of time they take to dry which for me usually means I end up smudging them before they dry and having to touch them up again. Because of the different glitters though, they look almost 3-D as they show up so many different colours in the light. Models Own are buy one get one half price at the moment at Boots, which at £5 each makes them a bargain.
What does everyone else think? Do you like the Mirrorball polishes?

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