Tuesday, 26 February 2013

MUA Gemini Nail Constellations

I haven't been doing much interesting with my nails recently (lazy I know!), so thought I would use one of my favourite effects from the last few months, MUA Nail Constellations. These are amazing and really simple to use, perfect if you aren't the best at nail art but want something different. I ended up with four colours of these and today I am using Gemini, a lovely mix of pale pink, deep pink and turquoise beads. I posted a little how to with these effects here so I won't repeat it but you can look if you want to :).

I didn't have a colour close enough to match these so went for MUA's bargainous £1 polish in Amaretto Crush, a gorgeous shade on its own! I have quite a few of these polishes now and you really can't beat them for the price! They give really good coverage and only need two coats. The only let down for me is the brush as I find it quick difficult to use as it is short and the lid is wide which gets in the way, but for £1 you can forgive them this!
I really do love the Constellations, they are really quick and easy to use once you get used to them, and if you use something to catch the overspill of beads, they can go back into the container meaning you get loads of uses from one little pot of beads! I love the colour of Gemini, its really pretty and the perfect pastely colour for spring. I'm going to try to get more use of these beauties, I really do love them (have I said that before?).
I usually find these last a good couple of days if you add a topcoat, they aren't the best wearing effect, but what do you expect with beads stuck to your nails! Has anyone else tried them? Do you love them as much as I do?


  1. Really pretty! I haven't yet tried beads on a full nail. I tend to just use a few in my nail art. I only have really tiny pots of each colour though hehe x

  2. Caviar Manicure is def notta new thing in town and Im lovin' it <3