Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Seventeen Photo Flawless Primer

This is something I have had floating around my make-up bag for a while now without me trying it. I decided to give it a go though and with all the hype around primers I thought it deserved a review :)
Now....before I start, just to be clear this isn't a PR post, I got this as part of the Seventeen make-up set which was half price for the Star Gift around Christmas at Boots. You'll see why I said that in a minute!
Photo Flawless Primer, claims to minimise pores and make your skin look flawless...big claims? Well they are right! This is actually amazing! I love it! See why I had to say it isn't a PR post? You'd think they were paying me, I wish!
I noticed the minute I put it on how much smoother, fresher and brighter my skin looked and actually had to do a double-take when I put my foundation on as my skin looked that good! Not something I usually think when I look in the mirror!
My daily "work" eye-shadow, which can sometimes drop a little (which is a shame as I love it but was starting to go off it because of this- Rimmel's Spicy Bronze if anyone is interested) stayed on perfectly, not even a speck out of place. I have been putting it on in the morning and have found my make-up has lasted longer, and looks much better and fresher when I get to the end of the day.
It its a gorgeous silky liquid which makes your skin feel so soft and smooth. The primer has had amazing reviews on the Boots website so I am not the only one who loves it! Even better with £2 off at the moment making it £2.99 instead of £4.99, which is still worth paying for this little gem. If you haven't tried a primer before or aren't sure which to get then go get it, now! You can buy it here. I promise it is worth it :)


  1. Alexandra Salonen17 February 2013 at 23:01

    Primer is something i've never used either, but maybe I should give it a go! And seeing as it's so cheap... :p xxx

  2. I know it was something I hadn't bothered with before, but I put it on all the time now and it really is worth it for the price :) x